And Now It’s Winter

And Now It’s Winter

It came late this year, the first snow. A flurry here and there, nothing that added up, but no snow that dusted the ground until December. No snow to track deer during hunting season (no deer for us). It started snowing at 2:55 pm on Saturday, noted by stopping my work outside to look at the time. And now it’s winter. We got five inches of snow overnight and it’s snowing again now. In a while the temperature will rise and the snow will turn to rain. The road ought to be an icy mess tonight.

Did you nose it snowed?  According to Ava winter has arrived.

I’m grateful winter held off a while and I’d be happier had it waited longer. I’ve been telling myself that I’m just about ready to settle in for winter and then laughing at my little lie. I’m not ready. I don’t think I’m going to be ready for winter this year. Oh, things are done. It’s not that the freezers aren’t stuffed full or that we don’t have enough firewood. That’s all fine and well.

and now it's winter, crow in snow

Missing Summer

It’s summer I’m not ready to leave. Flowers, vegetables, endless dill and other herbs from the high tunnel, fishing in the boat, warm feet. Warm feet. I’m missing summer but I am settling into winter. I think the snow helped. I have a lot of writing to do this afternoon and tomorrow. The woodstove will keep me warm and cozy (except these cold feet). Red wine hot chocolate is a nice treat after snowshoeing or ice fishing or a nap or a ton of writing. I’m starting to think about snowshoeing. There are a few saplings we need to cut down to open up a connection between two trails. I want to snowshoe here daily and I’d like to go other places as well. Maybe to Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge or Democrat Ridge where it’s all uphill until you turn around and come down. I’m thinking of snowmobiling in the back country. And now that it’s winter, looks and feels like winter, maybe I’m starting to miss summer a little less.

What’s that white stuff? You want us to go out? Can’t you bring our water in? Pullets’ first snow, and Buddy the rooster.

pullets first snow

Zoey, mouse, snow

6 thoughts on “And Now It’s Winter

  1. Oh I so hear you. Last night I sat right in front of the wood stove facing it with my eyes closed like folks in warmer climes look to the sun. My husband laughed at me. I like warm. Does anything grow in your hoop house during winter? I’m not being sarcastic; I’m actually curious. I’ve read of some in Canada who make it happen, and it amazes me. Sometimes a fresh green salad sounds delicious mid-winter!

  2. What a beautiful post and photos. I dread winter here. Shoveling out parking spaces just to have the people who don’t shovel take them…. a slippery beltway commute back and forth to work… and so on. I look forward to living through winters on my land…. in front of the wood stove. (Please be a dear and remind me that I wrote this when I’m complaining about doing chores in the snow! )

  3. I am done with my Christmas stuff so I’m ready for winter. I need to slow down and settle in. I will be sick of it in February. I’ve always wanted to try the red wine hot cocoa. Was it good?

    1. My Fedco Seeds catalog came yesterday so I’m now ready for winter. We’ll do the Christmas shopping tomorrow, plan the menu (we know there will be ham), and then I’ll be ready to settle in. The red wine hot chocolate is delicious! I spent a bit of time trying different red wines and came back to using your favorite. If you like it plain in a glass you’ll love it with hot chocolate!

  4. Loved your post and the photos. I am just about ready for winter with only a few plots of the garden to tidy up. We don’t burn wood in the house but I do have a wood stove in the garage so it is my favorite place on a cold Sunday afternoon with a football game on.
    I’m a merlot kind of a guy but never thought of putting in hot chocolate. I will be sure to try that in the near future.
    Have a wonderful day, stay warm and keep writing.

  5. `What beautiful photos. I understand you not being ready to leave summer but how lovely is nature to hold such different seasons. Cold feet though, brrr, if feet ate cold the body is cold my mother always said so we grew up on thick felted hand knitted slippers. they do keep the feet warm. Sending warm thoughts your way, Selma x

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