Christmas Tree – check!

Christmas Tree – check!

Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree has been a big deal for my entire life. We had Charlie Brown trees when I was a kid. Funny story, those trees, one I should tell soon. I’m a  little fussy (Steve would not agree with “little”) when it comes to our tree. I’m not looking for perfect. The tree should be full, green instead of nitrogen-deficient yellow, and nicely shaped. Gaps are okay, they’re nice places to tuck in a birds nest or dried hydrangeas. It’s been difficult to find green trees so when Steve read that the owners of Christmas Tree Ranch in Amherst fertilize their trees every year, we were on it. We drove out Rt 9 to get to the tree farm. Mike Pomroy greeted us as we got out of the truck, stopped working to chat with us, and shared a few stories. Nice, nice man. We talked about traditions, values and old ways.

christmas tree, 2017, Christmas Tree RanchOur Christmas tree caught my eye while we chatted with Mike.  “That’s it. There’s our tree.” We walked the entire tree farm, looked closely at several trees and vetoed each one for different reasons, and came back to the first one. We’ll set it up tonight and put the lights on. Little by little I’ll take the ornaments, mostly handmade, from the boxes and place them on the tree. Cross stitched by Mum, handmade by Nana, purchased at craft shows from artisans, received in swaps with pen pals, natural items like pine cones… they have special meaning.

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It’s time to make Eggnog Cookies with eggnog from Smiling Hill Farm, sugar cookies to decorate, and turn up the music I’ve been listening to for a couple of weeks. When do you put up your tree?

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  1. We put up the tree as soon as we can after Thanksgiving. Decorate the house and a little outside. It’s fun comforting to have the traditions every year. I love the older Christmas music, Perry Como, Nat King Cole, etc. The kids are all grown up, but the grandkids are coming. So much fun the whole month. I always hate to see it go.

  2. Great tree! Mine are never perfect either. We get one from the woods so my idea is to leave the perfect ones and thin a not so perfect one. I do prefer green to yellow though:)

  3. I don’t always put up a tree anymore. I did last year… a tiny potted spruce tree. Then I took it up to my land and planted it. I hope to hang lights on it in the future. I might do that again this year. I love your tree choice. It’s beautiful!

  4. That’s a beautiful tree!
    We harvest our own Christmas trees from our back 40. We have upmteen million trees so… never in short supply & lots of choice. While we’re out riding we take noet of trees that are particularly suited for Christmas and mark them with surveyors tape for harvest later. There are always several on the back burner, just waiting to grow to the perfect size for us. I’m a stickler for a nice full tree too – Charlie Brown can keep his stick!
    Some of my most favourite memories are of watching our children decorate the tree… my job was always the take down & clean up sometime after New Years.
    How I loved to watch them both – even the odd squabble, or the year that the tree fell over when we thought that maybe you could just decorate the side that can be seen, are precious memories.
    It’s been 4 years since we had both kids home; 4 years since I got to sit in my rocker & just enjoy watching my babies. It’s not the same without them home; I have less enthusiasm for it. I get no satisfaction from ‘sending’ gifts or money, even when I know they want or need it – it’s just hollow for me.
    Maybe it will get to be less important as the years go by, but I have trouble imagining it so.

  5. We are going to the pasture on Sunday to get this year’s tree. We try to take one that is crowding another so it leaves another tree better room to grow. One time, many years ago, my brother and I hiked into a field to cut down a Charlie Brown tree. Amazingly, that field is where I now live 😉 Happy memories 🙂

  6. That tree is perfect, so full, I can really picture it full of Christmas ornaments full of meaning, lovely post. We will buy our tree next weekend but will not adorn it until around the 23rd of December x

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