February 25 2018 – Snowmobiling

February 25 2018 – Snowmobiling

Snowmobiling is one of the things I love about winter. I never tire of riding backwoods roads to see what we can see, and that includes in winter when the roads aren’t plowed. Steve, Taylor and I trailered the snowmobiles to West Lake Road, a couple of miles from the house, and started from there. The trails aren’t groomed out here and some of the roads we ventured out hadn’t been ridden this year or at least not since the rain, snow and major melting happened.

Some of the trail was rough and a couple of times we were laughing so hard at our misadventure that we couldn’t move. The scenery is beautiful. We stopped for drinks and snacks at the tops of hills and at a wooden bridge where I once watched a star-nosed mole swimming in the stream.

It was warm, at least 40°, and the sun felt good on my face. It was good to be outside for hours at a time. I’m definitely not spending enough time outside these days (working on a little finish work and the first rewrite of the book). It was a good reminder of how good I feel when I’ve been outside for more than work.

Back Country Snowmobiling

Here are some of the photos from our adventure. There are more scenery photos for later as well.

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Off the Homestead! Snowmobiling in the back country of northern Washington County, Maine

6 thoughts on “February 25 2018 – Snowmobiling

  1. Whooo, that creek looks like a bit of scary crossing place, but maybe I’m not so bold as I may have been in younger years. Lovely scenery indeed.
    Uncharacteristically for this area, the snow base hasn’t been enough to really play on the sled – much to Mr Shoes’ disappointment. Ice fishing has been great though as the majority of the winter has been just as cold as it’s ever been – just not as much fun getting to the lake as when we can ride the snowmachine.

    1. That particular crossing was quite steep. Others weren’t as bad but some had deep, uneven, loose snow. We tipped sideways twice. After that I got off, crossed on foot and met Steve on the other side. Taylor drove through all of them. We still have 30″ of ice, a lot more than I originally thought so it looks like we’ll get a few more trips in. I’d love more salmon and bucket of white perch for the freezer.

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