Five on Friday – April 15

Five on Friday – April 15

Five on Friday – April 15

I’m joining in on Five On Friday – April 15 this week. I’m chosen five highlights or activities of my week. If you’d like to join in you can find the information at the Five on Friday link.

I’ve been working outside and in the high tunnel, wrote a freelance piece for 1800Gear, and working on this new blog. We’ll be working outside this weekend. I think black fly season will start early so we want to get as much done as possible before they’re unbearable. We plan on taking a little time out to do some fishing. There are a couple of small streams I’d like to explore this spring. It would be nice to have fresh brook trout for supper.

Monday was off to a beautiful start. If you click on the photo you’ll get to see more photos of the sunrise.
sunrise over thebarn, good morning sunrise
I made whole wheat sourdough bread, as usual. I tried a batch of sourdough rye but it was a disaster. I didn’t have the hydration right so it stuck to the Banneton. I haven’t figured out how to get the dough off the fiber yet.

whole wheat, sourdough

The deer are coming to the food plot earlier now. They’ve been here in late afternoon. I didn’t see them but there are photos on the game camera. It’s time for antlers to start growing so I’ll be looking closely at the pictures.

whitetail doe, white-tailed, deer, food plot

I’ve been watching the amount of damage a porcupine is causing to trees on Democrat Ridge. Some of the trees are gnawed but others have been girdled and will die. There are at least two dozens trees damaged.

porcupine, damage, tree, girdle trees

Last night on our way back from looking for a place to fly fish we saw this yearling white-tailed deer. Do you notice anything unusual? Look closely. It’s a piebald, also called roan. It has white fur where white fur doesn’t belong.

roan, white-tailed, deer, piebald, piebald deer

25 thoughts on “Five on Friday – April 15

    1. Her mother was nearby. She eventually browsed her way to 10 feet from us before she turned to go. They were almost too calm!

  1. Omg, Robin. Deer are soooo adorable! The come up into my yard and love it…well when my pups are outside! 😉

  2. I didn’t know porcupines can cause so much damage. Deer are a common sight here, even in the middle of the city. A while back, one jumped out of the school ground right in front of me. It was quite a sight and it took a moment to sink it it was not a big dog. Have a lovely weekend.

    1. There were so many issues with the old blog that search engines would barely crawl it. I’ll eventually wipe it out and use it as a writer’s blog and keep my lifestyle here.

  3. Your little neck of the woods looks like heaven Robin.
    I’ve always wanted to try fly fishing, it seems a pleasure able pastime and landing a trout is a bonus!
    Those sunsets are ‘out of this world)!
    Lovely to meet you.

  4. I’ve seen piebald deer a lot lately on the news/thru media….it seems to be becoming ‘the norm’. But that image is so great in nature’s camouflage!!

  5. So lucky to have porcupines. A ranger told me that they are becoming rare in the Sierra–habitat loss, illegal hunting. Sad.

    1. It’s too bad we can’t send you some of ours. We have so many they’ve become pests. Eventually the fisher population will increase, they’ll take care of the over population, and another cycle will begin.

  6. Such a different world to ours. Fab pictures of the sunset. Hope you caught your trout for supper 🙂 B x

  7. Boy, would I love a big slice of that bread, slathered with butter. I MUST find time to make homemade bread soon. Maybe I’ll haul out the bread maker until I find “kneading” time.

  8. i enjoyed this post! i hope your next batch of bread turns out, this one looks yummy! thank you so much for linking and i apologize for taking so long to visit!! have a great weekend 🙂

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