Good Morning Mrs. Moose

Good Morning Mrs. Moose

Good Morning, Ms. Moose

Good morning, Ms. Moose. Thanks for strolling through. It’s good to see you looking ever so pregnant and healthy.

Ava started woofing her “there’s something here” woof early this morning. We haven’t seen signs of a bear yet but that’s what I was hoping for. I followed Ave though the backyard, to the high tunnel, to the woods, to the food plot where I pulled the camera cards, and back to the edge of the woods. Knowing that whatever caused her to woof was gone (by of the way she was still woofing), I left her to continue her woofing and sniffing and came back to my coffee.

I’m curious about Boo Boo, the young doe missing half of her right ear. Last time she was here she looked thinner instead o

And f having gained a little weight. Her mother was here during the night on May 15, still thin but a little heavier.

I think the moose came out of the woods behind her rather than up the trail from the wood yard. I didn’t find tracks and she didn’t walk in front of a camera there.

good morning ms moose

good morning ms moose, moose, food plot, Maine

If I’d been looking out a back window at the time I’d have seen her when she walked past the second camera.

good morning ms moose, game camera, food plot

good morning ms moose, pregnant moose, cow moose, food plot, game camera

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    1. Steve saw a yearling on its own on Democrat Ridge yesterday morning so it won’t be long until the calves are born. Anytime between now and early June. If we didn’t have the dogs I’d hope the cow and calf came through often. The dogs wouldn’t chase or hurt them but the cow would be defensive/offensive, and we’d have to be on edge all the time.

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