Is It Really Almost October?

Is It Really Almost October?

Ava and Zoey hadn’t been out much yesterday so I took them for a sunset walk. It’s too bad those apples have already fallen, I thought, and then I remembered that it is almost October. Ash leaves are orange and gold and falling and the elm leaves black and crunchy. The stream up the road is still from lack of rain and our pond is lower than ever. It was 73° when I mistook a flash of lightening for a flashlight and wondered what Steve was doing outside at 3 am. Temperatures have been in the high 80°’s and low 90°’s and the humidity in the 90%’s this week. It’s been miserable, especially for late September.

This tree is usually the last to drop its apples. They’re a little bitter but when they’re the last apples available the deer and snowshoe hares will eat them. That’s usually in mid to late October. There aren’t many left on the tree now.

Orange and gold leaves of ash trees on the left, dead leaves and bare branches on the elms on the right. Elms normally don’t drop their leaves until after the ash.

The pond is 22 feet deep on the western side and 15 feet on the east (far) side when it’s full so there’s still quite a bit of water. 92° on Wednesday afternoon, 38° on Saturday morning. October is almost here. It will be nice to get up in the morning and put sourdough bread in the oven. I look forward to a chilly kitchen that will warm from the heat of the oven. It’s going to be nice to be operating a homestead bakery by the end of October. 😉


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  1. Enjoy your A life in the wild stories.

    Turkey season starts Monday and looking forward to getting out. I have canning and drying the garden fare for two weeks so I’m done with that for this year.

    Looking forward to your next adventure.


    1. Thanks Lenny! We seem to have quite a few turkeys this fall. They’re recovering from two back-to-back hard winters. We don’t hunt specifically for them in the fall but if we happen to come across them while partridge hunting I’ll be very happy to take a shot. Good luck! And let me know if you fill your tags.

    1. We don’t. It’s rain/snow/run off and spring fed but there isn’t an inlet or outlet. It’s full of fish and the ducks swim in it from time to time. It’s not as clean as I’d want it to be to swim.

  2. I love the autumn colors. We are in the middle of tomatoes and hunting and still need more firewood. Looking forward to longer evenings. And oooohh, the smell of bread baking:-)

    1. I’ve thought I was done with tomatoes a few times but the weather stayed so warm and hot that they’re still going strong. I’ll put up another dozen pint jars of stewed tomatoes next week.

  3. Sadly most of the elms around here ( south central Wi.), that have dropped their leaves are dead or dying. Seems to be an epidemic this year!

    1. It is sad. I remember losing huge elm after elm after elm on tree-lined street when I was a child. They were huge and tall and strong and then they were gone. It changed our neighborhood. Forty years later I still don’t like to see them stressed.

  4. Your pond looks like and is as deep as our pond! Yes the barn is on highway 14 in St. Charles. That is about 25 miles east of Rochester. I’m super impressed you knew that. Our apples are still holding tough. How is bear hunting? Archery deer has started here, but I haven’t had time to go out.

    1. St. Charles! That’s the town I was trying to recall. Our daughter Kristin used to live in Rochester. We went past this place a few times when we visited friends and it struck me, first because it seems to out of place to have house right there on a very busy, high-speed road. Second, because of the big, mature trees in the middle of a flat, wide open space. And third, it’s a beautiful place. Seeing it took me back more than a decade. What a small world.

      We ended bear hunting over three baits with four sows and eight cubs, an all-time high for us. There were two bears we were interested in but we didn’t connect. We’ll go out with a friend and his hounds in a couple of weeks.

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