Musings on a Mid-Winter Morning

Musings on a Mid-Winter Morning


mus*ing: a period of reflection or thought. I’ve been musing a lot lately, even more than normal for these quiet winter times.

I seem to be at a loss for good words here right now. I write, think it’s pretty good, and then delete. My winter writing was planned with a four-month long workshop and gathering of creative minds but that’s been cancelled. It’s disappointing but something good is coming. Hang with me until the end. I’ve been musing a lot lately, mostly about the state of the world. I’m grateful for a strong husband who takes care of us and many others, for daughters and sisters I love dearly, and to live where I do in spite of our current “leader.” The work relationships I’m developing are fun and rewarding. Lots of things spinning around in this brain of mine.

Let’s Go Outdoors

I took the dogs out for a walk to get some fresh air and clear my mind before I sat down to write. We started in the food plot. The deer have been gone for a few weeks. There are no tracks or droppings from anything, not even the over abundance of snowshoe hares. The pumpkins are still there, barely nibbled. There’s another coyote, bigger than the last.

musing, pumpkins in snow, food plot

We got enough rain this month that combined with snow melt the pond’s water level up three feet. If the trout survived the low water and early freezing that limits oxygen in the water, they now have a better chance at survival. If I weren’t a klutz I’d be skating!
musing, pond, ice skating pond, homestead pond, small farm pond

Ava, looking for a bunny trail. She didn’t find one. Zoey did her zig zag search and also came up empty.
English shepherd, musing

Red squirrels’ winter stash. I saw apples stashed in trees all around me while we were out. Putting food up is a smart thing, especially these days.
frozen apple, musing, squirrel, stash, winter food

I did a bit of collecting while we were out. Usnea, a lichen commonly know as Old Man’s beard, drops from the trees in winter. Deer eat it as a last resort in winter but since the deer aren’t here I felt free to gather quite a bit. I brought in another moss I don’t know the name of and a handful of small spruce cones. The snow was littered with tiny seeds from the cones.
musing, lichen, old man's beard, usnea, spruce cone, nature

Where and how and with the amount of freedom I have isn’t lost on me. Where and how and with the amount of hate, pain and suffering others live in also isn’t lost on me. The beauty around me, even in the dead of winter when the evergreens are dull and hardwoods bare, and there’s little for color other than the blue jays, isn’t lost on me.

On Writing

Someone good has come my way. I’ve realized this week that I need help with this book I’m writing about this life I’m living in these woods I own. I’ve started working with Brenda, the energetic, creative, encouraging editor and writing coach behind Forest North Books. I’m looking forward to spending time with her this winter. Know that if I’m not here in the blog often it’s because I’m writing “the book” and making real progress. Or I’m staring out the window at the birds in the feeding station. Writing. Yes, let’s go with writing.

I’m starting a few herb and greens seeds today! What are you doing?



13 thoughts on “Musings on a Mid-Winter Morning

  1. I’m off today, a lazy day for sure trying to TID this body of this nasty head cold .
    Picking out sterling beads and like you watching the birds feeding station. Bluejays fight off the gray squirrels then the jays try to balance on the seit feeder. My rose breasted nuthatch is chattering at all of them. I have both hairy and downy woodpeckers who hop in grab a bite and off again. This is the first year I feed ears of corn for the jays and squirrels and they seem to like it. And of course Echo is always on squirrel patrol

    1. Ava and Zoey are having a great time unsuccessfully chasing red squirrels. It keeps them busy and uses up some of Zoe’s energy. Feel better, Sue!

  2. How exciting that you are working on a book 🙂

    I’m taking a creative writing class and it’s made me think about whether writing matters in times like these. I think it does. It certainly matters to me. And I think it matters that people express themselves. I think, every day, how lucky I am to be where I am with all of my rights and privileges.

    We are sitting out a bit of a snow storm, making buns, doing science experiments and playing with already neglected Christmas toys 🙂 I hope to get down to some writing later on. Enjoy a peaceful day!

    1. Writing most definitely matters, especially in times like these. Did you know book sales, actual hold-in-your-hand books, soared in 2016? I don’t remember the numbers off the top of my head but sales are rallying. I think people are realizing we need to get back concrete hands-on living. I hope you’re enjoying your class!

  3. January brings on the blahs. Hearing the same thing from other writers and bloggers including myself. Be nice to yourself! I blame it on deer season withdrawal.

    1. It’s nice to have down time. Once I get through a couple of freelance pieces I’ll feel more like writing here. I’m out of the hunting loop until May 1 when turkey opens. I hope this year is more productive than last as far as meat goes.

  4. You have succinctly and beautifully expressed what many of us homestead bloggers must be thinking these days. I know that I’m struggling right now with writing our blog, particularly in light of what’s happening elsewhere. “Keep calm and carry on” is easy to say, harder to do. But, thank you for your touching post!

    1. Thanks Mark. I avoid news and anything/one else spewing hate and discontent but it still sneaks in from time to time. When spring is closer and we’re busier on our homesteads, outside and moving more, it will be easier to shut out things we can’t change.

  5. Seeing this post late but just want to add my voice that writing matters now more than ever. I’m not a homesteader but I live a very, very fortunate life, and I, too, have been feeling like my little blog and my little stories are just pissing in the wind. But it’s not true. We must do what we are CALLED to do, and it just so happens that we are called to do words. It’s our gift and we owe that gift to the world. We just have to have faith that our words matter. Most days we can manage it on our own. In dark times, we’ll just remind each other. That’s what you’re doing with your blog and the other writing you do. Keep at it!

    1. Your blog is lovely! The time and effort you put into gathering and sharing information is a gift to us writers. I didn’t know most of what you share with us exists. There wasn’t time or reason to look into things like contests during the kind of writing I’ve recently left behind. I truly enjoy and learn from you.

      If we were all able (willing?) to follow our calling society would be kinder. It’s something to aspire to.

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