Out n About in Mid May

Out n About in Mid May

Out n About – Five on Friday

This hasn’t been the greatest week ever but it hasn’t been terrible either. I had oral surgery on Tuesday, something I’ve put off too long, am glad is over, and wish I hadn’t done. I’m glad I did but gees this is a pain literally and figuratively. I’ve been indoors most of the week but did manage to get out n about a little.

I did a lot of cooking this week. Fiddleheads are up, radishes are being picked almost daily so I’ve been making roasted radishes, and we caught brook trout that I used for an article I’m writing for 1800Gear. All this cooking while I’m on a soft food diet because of the missing tooth.

Last weekend we went fishing for supper. It was a beautiful day to be on the water. This is Steve’s fly line. I watched him quite a bit to learn more about how to cast properly.

fly line, fly fishing, out n about

I love old cars and Maine seems to have a lot of old, abandoned cars, usually in the woods. You can see where the trees grew up and around this car. I bet it really was something in its day, it’s a big car. We saw this while out ‘n about looking for turkeys.

old car, out n about

I think I’ve found a spot to duck hunt. I’m excited about this possibility. I love duck and don’t raise as many as we would eat if we had more. I need a few decoys, a call, and I think I’m all set. Without a retrieving dog I’ll need to get them myself so I’ll take the kayak.

beaver pond, out n about, Maine

The trillium are blooming now. I could find pink and red but no white this year. That’s unusual. The red is deeper and darker than usual.

red trillium, out n about

And oh happy day, I discovered plum blossoms yesterday. We haven’t yet had plums on the trees. This is the largest of three trees and the only one with open blossoms so far. I’m hoping they pollinate each other enough to have at least a few plums. My nose took me to the orchard. The rich, sweet smell drifted on the breeze and caught my attention. This tree has suckers that need to be pruned so I’ll do that today and try to root them to share with my sisters.

plum blossoms, out n about

Next week I’ll be sharing the garden. The worst of the cold seems to be over. I’ll be planting, digging up to relocate, and starting more seeds. To join us in Five on Friday click the link below and share what you did while you were out n about.

week of wildlife, five on friday

25 thoughts on “Out n About in Mid May

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I’m pleased to meet you through
    Five on Friday which is a good opportunity to
    read about other bloggers’ lives. Your self- sufficient lifestyle in a remote location sounds fascinating. Dental surgery is not much fun so I hope your mouth is soon healed up and you’re back to eating that good food you grow of find on your land.

  2. Wow…what stunning trillium! Love the shot of the rusty VW. I have happy memories of Maine…spent lots of time in Bangor when I was a flight attendant.

    1. I wonder if we were at the airport at the same time! I was born at the airport when it was Dow AFB. My father left the Air Force and went to work in the same job when the base was sold to the city. I grew up there! Thanks for stopping in!

  3. That Trillium is amazing! When I was little (a very long time ago) my Aunt would always make duck for Christmas. I still love the taste of duck, but don’t love finding it in a grocery and making it! Your way isn’t easier, but it may be more satisfying.

    1. I’ll be learning to duck hunt and I hope you’re right, that it is satisfying. I’ve got to get by the learning curve. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I love duck and am so impressed with you hunting them. I have an abundance of radish so will definitely be trying some roasted they sound delicious. Hope your mouth is feeling better.

  5. Hello, catching fresh fish for your dinner is awesome. Pretty views of the water and I love the red trillium! Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  6. Roasted radish sounds interesting, I may try that. I dislike going to the dentist but sometime it just has to be done. Hope your mouth will feel easier soon. The trillium is a wonderful colour:)

    1. And really, going and getting it over with is better than letting it get worse. The radishes are surprisingly good!

  7. Sorry to hear about your surgery. I hope that you are all recovered very soon. The flowers and blossoms are beautiful aren’t they, especially the very pretty trilliums. Thank you for taking part in Five On Friday, I hope you have a good weekend!

  8. This is the first time i have visited your blog. I love the sound of your hunting and fishing antics. Looks like its all on your doorstep too. Fabulous!

  9. Great to see your neck of the woods and the trillium, such a gorgeous colour. 🙂

  10. Oh my word this is the second time I have read about fiddleheads in the last 24 hours, prior to that I had no idea what they were. am so intrigued by them and now really want to try some. How wonderful that you have them in the wild, lucky you. Glad the surgery went well too x

    1. Fiddleheads are a spring treat. If you like spinach and other rich-flavored greens you’ll probably like fiddleheads. Thanks for stopping by!

  11. The thought of oral surgery makes my skin crawl. I hope you recover quickly. My husband and I used to go moose hunting in the fall in the early years of our marriage and fill the freezer with meat. Now we like to catch crabs and prawns when we’re out on our boat. There’s something very satisfying about growing and providing one’s own food (or at least part of it). Your photos are lovely.

  12. Beautiful scenery. Sorry about the oral surgery – hope it feels better soon. I’m such a chicken when it comes to teeth and the dentist.

    Have a great weekend

  13. The trillium are stunning … such a deep red. Fun post. Love the old car being taken over by the trees. I haven’t been fishing in years. I never hunted, but I did enjoy fishing. Sorry about the tooth. Hope you are feeling better. Roasted radishes … Yum.

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