I write about my simple life in the woods of Maine. My blog covers a wide range of outdoors activities. I want to work together in partnerships with blogs, websites, books, products, activities and other entities as long as we fit together well. Spend some time looking around. I write the way I live – seasonally. If I’m in the garden now I’m not writing about snowshoeing or ice fishing. If I’m hunting I’m not writing about seed starting because the seasons don’t run together.

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Let’s work together. I’m not looking for someone who’ll handover money and walk away. I want to work together to promote you.

A Life In The Wild is about our simple life in the woods. We provide most of our food by way of gardening, fishing, hunting and wild harvesting. I write about cooking and food preservation. Put those together and it’s old fashioned homesteading. Add kayaking, hiking, a camp on a lake an hour from home, an orchard, a large variety of wildlife, and you’ve got life in the woods.

I’d like to work together in partnerships with outdoors related folks such as homesteaders, guides, chefs who cook with local ingredients, natural product businesses…anyone and anything that is a good match for my lifestyle.

If you think we’re a good match, let’s get together. All ads must be approved. If I don’t think we’re a good fit I’ll tell you honestly why, and perhaps suggest a better match.

The software is simple. You won’t get nagging emails from me. You can automatically renew your space – or let it disappear when your paid time ends. No refunds on partnerships so lets communicate and be sure this is what you want. I don’t want you to be disappointed.

Current partnerships are running with Coffee Bean Knitting, and a strong cup of coffee and Tammy Lea Photography.