Peppers Love Coffee Grounds – Gardening Tip

Peppers Love Coffee Grounds – Gardening Tip

Peppers Love Coffee Grounds

We are a no-food-in-the-trash household. Not even coffee grounds. I save coffee grounds year round to use in the garden. They’re a great soil amendment. Coffee grounds add organic matter to the soil and provide food for earthworms and the rest of the micro herd. Did you know that peppers love coffee grounds?

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Peppers like nitrogen and coffee grounds are full of it. You can mix the grounds into the soil or spread them on top. If you have a lot of grounds (I do love coffee…) you can use it as a mulch. I don’t like it quite that much so I place two or three cups of grounds at the base of each plant before watering. The water will disperse the grounds and take nitrogen down to the roots.

Providing enough nitrogen ensures adequate leaf growth, and that protects the peppers from sun scald. Pepper plants branch out like trees. Don’t go absolutely nuts with the grounds or you’ll have too many leaves and not enough peppers. If you’re getting more new shoots and not enough peppers, stop adding grounds. One or two applications in a growing season should be plenty unless your soil is severely nitrogen deficient.

Peppers like nitrogen. Coffee grounds provide nitrogen and other benefits.

4 thoughts on “Peppers Love Coffee Grounds – Gardening Tip

  1. I never knew that Peppers needed a lot of nitrogen. I’ve been composting my coffee grounds with all the rest of the stuff but I’m going to try this. I have used Bat Guano to add nitrogen too.

  2. Hi there. I found you via a comment you left on Chiot’s Run . . .
    I’ve always put my coffee grounds around my blueberries, raspberries, tomatoes and corn-now I’ll have to try the peppers! I have horrible luck with peppers in the ground, but they do beautifully in black pots on my sunny deck. I’m in zone 5 (Mass) so I don’t think it’s the weather 🙂 And I do mineralize according to soil test results. So, I assume my soil is not as friendly to peppers as I would like–perhaps it’s the nitrogen? I’ll have to experiment and see if the coffee grounds help. Thank you!

  3. Some say that coffee grounds will also keep the slugs at. Not sure if that is true as I still see a few in the garden.

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