How to Make Bacon
  1. Cut the pork belly into pieces that will fit into one or two gallon Ziploc bags. Rinse each piece well and pat dry. Mix the salts if you choose to use pink salt. Pat the salt(s) onto the pork belly, covering it evenly. Don’t forget the ends. I let the salt sit on the pork belly for a couple of days, drain, rinse, resalt and add the maple sugar or syrup now. If you use sugar, mix the salt and sugar together and pat in. If you use syrup, pour it into the Ziploc bag.
  2. Turn the bags twice a day for about a week. When the amount of liquid being pulled from the pork belly stops increasing, it’s done. Remove from the bags and rinse the bacon well. Pat it dry. You now smoke the bacon to 150° internal temp in a 170° smoker, or freeze it. We keep bacon in the fridge for a week without any decline in quality. Safety first. I’m covering my bases here.
  3. To make slicing simple, use a sharp knife and a mostly-frozen piece of bacon. Semi-solid bacon is easier to slice than soft, pliable bacon that “gives” under the blade. Slice as thick or thin as you like.