Ten Minute Salsa – It’s Too Hot to Cook

Ten Minute Salsa – It’s Too Hot to Cook

Ten Minute Salsa

It’s too hot to cook. When it comes to food this time of year I want to head to the high tunnel before the sun heats it up, pick what we’ll have for supper and whatever else is ready to be put up, and be done with it. If we cook meat it happens on the grill. Sometimes all I want after a long hot day of work is this Ten Minute Salsa and some chips.

Go out to the garden or farmers market to get the ingredients. Get tomatoes, cilantro, an onion, and two Jalepeno peppers. That leaves only three ingredients from the house. This is FRESH! Fresh food at its best.

The recipe is simple. You need a paring knife, a cutting board and a blender or food processor. Easy to make, easy to clean up, and spend your day doing something outside the kitchen while we still have summer.

How to Use Salsa

Salsa and chips, of course. But there are lots of other ways to use salsa.

  • Gundy, my co-host in On The Fire, suggested adding Ten Minute Salsa to tomato soup
  • Add it to your eggs. Scoop it onto your omelet, scrambled eggs or frittata
  • A half cup of salsa to a two quart pot beef or wild game soup adds a lot of flavor
  • Replace cocktail sauce with salsa
  • Pizza sauce!
  • Tacos and burritos, taco salad
  • Salad dressing
  • In place of ketchup or barbecue sauce
  • Pulled pork. Put a pork butt in the slow cooker and cover it in salsa

You may can Ten Minute Salsa safely by following current recommended canning methods. Add the appropriate amount of lemon juice to increase acidity. I wait until the worst of the summer heat passes before I start canning to avoid heating up the kitchen. This is a great way to put up the deluge of tomatoes before the first killing frost sweeps in.

How do you use salsa? You’re welcome to add a link to your recipe in the comments!

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Ten Minute Salsa - It's Too Hot to Cook
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Cuisine American
  1. Quarter the onion and tomato. No need to peel the tomato, it will break up during processing. If you want a little thicker salsa choose a paste variety of tomato or gently squeeze juice from other tomatoes. Peel the garlic. Remove the stems and cut the Jalapenos in half and remove seeds and membranes if you want to cut back on heat.
  2. Place all of the ingredients in a food processor blender. Pulse to get started, then process until the salsa reaches the consistency you like.
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  1. Finally catching up so a couple things: I too hunt bear. It’s a rich delicious meat and we try not to waste any. Our favorite is BBQ bear kabobs. Then, your tunnel looks great. The fact that you have lettuce just starting this time of year says tons to it’s usefulness. Have a great week.

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