Silent Writing Retreat

Silent Writing Retreat

Silent Writing Retreat

My pointed effort to unplug from the internet and phone started in 2014 when I attended a silent writing retreat. The location doesn’t have wifi and cell reception is sparse; if you walk through certain spots at the right time your phone might connect long enough to download a text or two.  Texts are mostly left to be read when I get home. Unplugged 2016 starts tomorrow when I leave for the same silent writing retreat.

Bear Mountain, Pyramid Lake, Pyramid Life Center, Women's Writing Retreat, silent writing retreat
Main House, Pyramid Lake, Pyramid Life Center, Women's Writing Retreat, silent writing retreat
canoes, Pyramid Lake, Pyramid Life Center, Women's Writing Retreat, silent writing retreatTwo years ago I sat down with pen and paper and wrote my heart out. Holed up in a cramped, homely bunk room by myself, I wrote almost every free moment, and what I churned out was excellent, especially for a first draft. I less involved last year as I worked through a couple of more difficult things. This year I’ll be fully immersed again, writing like a madwoman, and taking two workshops rather than one as I was last year.

Writing & Reading

Plans change. The piece I wanted to write before I leave wasn’t written. There were too many other things I had to do in writing and life to get to it, and now I don’t know what I’ll read. There will be writing assignments in each workshop so choosing one of those pieces is an option. I used to be excited about reading my work to an audience because it was nerve wracking, something I needed to take a deep breath and dive into. Now that I’m no longer nervous it’s lost its edge. Maybe I’ll find something new about reading to an audience that excites me this year.

Silent Writing Retreat?

Silence. Not completely, but the right amount of silence to not interrupt anyone. We’ll be laughing and talking in places like the beach and dining hall but in our cabins, on the trails and in other places where writing happens, it will be quiet. We nod to acknowledge each other on paths but there’s no talking because someone you pass might be writing in her head.


Unplugged 2016 – no outside news at all. I see a little local news in the morning when Steve has it on.

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I keep the television and radio off stations that carry the news but I can’t get away from news and negativity of this modern world but still see it on social media. It’s wearing. It’s depressing. Being unplugged will do a lot for my heart and soul. Each year I’ve come home to spend less time on social media and more time unplugged, and I’m sure this year will be the same. Maybe more so.

Do you unplug for a while? Could you? What do you do while you’re not being dragged down by the outside world?

4 thoughts on “Silent Writing Retreat

  1. We were seasonal campers for years at a wilderness campground in northern Maine, no phone, electricity or water hookups. The “phone booth” for cell reception was a couple miles drive down the road and up a steep hill. Loved it! Wish we could still go there, but because of medical issues we now need to have phone service available. Have a wonderful time at your retreat!

  2. Oh yeah, I can be unplugged and would it more often do! I haven’t a cellphone, tablet or other things, the TV I put away 2 months ago and have only my oldfashioned desktop and there are days, where I don’t start it.
    It must be a great thing to join in such workshop and I always wish me days, when I must nothing to say, not speak with nobody. They are to rare, sigh (must be help my 89 years old mother and that requiered always presence in the busy world, every day…)
    Enjoy your break for writing 🙂

  3. I would love to do a writer’s retreat. In fact, I’m hoping to do one next year for my 40th birthday. Time to do some of the things on my bucket list 🙂

    I feel like unplugging is very important and I do it as often as I can. I was just camping with someone who spent an entire day complaining at the office that there was no wifi. Also saw a kid on the playground glued to an ipad. SIGH. I hope your retreat is everything you hope it to be! Jill

    1. I think having someone else be connected when I’m not is as exhausting as being connected myself. I spent the week in this gorgeous place without having contact with the outside world other than Steve. I felted the best I have in a while.

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