Week of Wildlife – Five on Friday

Week of Wildlife – Five on Friday

Week of Wildlife – Five on Friday

I’m joining in on Five On Friday with a week of wildlife. I’m chosen five highlights or activities of my week. If you’d like to join in you can find the information at the Five on Friday link.

My favorite month for wildlife observation is May but with an early spring this year, April is honing in. We’ve been scouting for turkeys before the season opens, not seeing many turkeys, but seeing a lot of deer and waterfowl.

One: The first set of pics are male (top) and female common merganser ducks.

common merganser, drake, merganser, week of wildlife
common merganser, duck, week of wildlifeTwo: This ant hill was nearly destroyed by something looking for grubs. My first guess is a skunk but I wouldn’t swear to it. What do you think?
ant hill, week of wildlife, Three: This is my friend Waddles the porcupine. We went for a run Wednesday morning. Or more like I spotted him when we were looking for turkeys, jumped out of the truck and ran up the road to catch up to him. I didn’t want to scare him with the truck so approaching on foot was my best chance of getting good photos. Don’t you just want to scoop him up and hug him? No? He is cute though, isn’t he.

porcupine, tree, Maine, week of wildlifeFour: I mistook these blue spotted salamander eggs for frog eggs on Monday afternoon. Maureen knew they are salamander eggs. We used one of her many field guides to figure out if they were yellow or blue spotted. My week of wildlife doesn’t usually include salamander eggs in mid-April.

Blue spotted salamander eggs, week of wildlifeFive: This (I think) buck stood long enough for me to take several photos. I think I can see bumps at the pedicle where antlers are starting to grow. Two other deer were on the side of the road. We saw eight while we were out Wednesday morning.
week of wildlife, buck on a dirt road

What wildlife is moving around you?

week of wildlife, five on friday

12 thoughts on “Week of Wildlife – Five on Friday

  1. I’m laughing because I wouldn’t have the foggiest about the difference between a skunk hole and a pot hole, but lovely of you to ask! 🙂 Your Waddles is adorable, what an amazing photo.
    Wren x

  2. Ok your wildlife far out ways anything I’ve seen. We have muntjac deer around here. I don’t ever seem to see ‘live’ badgers but plenty who are run over and the birds around here are incredible. Refutes which were on the verge of disappearing in the UK are now almost a pest here. Love this post of yours

    1. I had to look up your deer. It’s an interesting looking animal, isn’t it. I’m sure we don’t have anything like it here.

  3. What a wonderful week of wildlife!!! So much to see in your part of the world and beautifully photographed too. I had no idea that Salamanders laid eggs, or what they looked like so I found that particularly fascinating. Thank you for joining Five On Friday this week, I do so appreciate it and enjoyed reading your post. Hope you have a great weekend! xx

  4. What fantastic photos – the last one is my favourite. Our next door neighbour has some foxes in her garden – and this morning I spotted three cubs. They looked super cute playing with each other in the long grass, but sadly they are still urban foxes. #fiveonfriday

    1. Isn’t their ability to thrive in different habitats amazing!You have urban fox and I have them out here in the middle of no where.

  5. Amazing photos. I didn’t realise porcupines were so big. I’ve been lucky nough to see a hare belting across a field, squirrels and lots of rooks. B x

  6. I really enjoyed seeing all your wildlife, especially waddles! Quite different from over here. 🙂

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