Wild Black Ducks – Visitors on the Homestead

Wild Black Ducks – Visitors on the Homestead

Wild Black Ducks

I looked out the window this morning to see if the deer might be in the food plot and spotted a pair of wild black ducks. It’s not unusual to have wild ducks here this time of year. There isn’t any open water for them other than flooded spots like our field. Our Khaki Campbells and Runners were in their pen. I took the camera out and sneaked around the shed to get a few shots. Later, I went out to work in the high tunnel and scared them away. I let our ducks out to enjoy the water and some freedom after the long winter, and I knew the wild ducks would return.

Ava and Zoey napped outside the tunnel in the little bit of sunshine we had this afternoon. The wild ducks came back, the dogs didn’t care, and before long the ducks were all “hey, we’re new here” and “make yourselves at home but stay away from our girls.” Our drakes will beat the holy hell out of each other if one gets too close to the other’s hens. The newcomer though, not a problem. By the end of the afternoon they were mingling and napping and all was well in the duck world. They didn’t leave until Steve and I walked out back and scared them. I bet they’ll be back.

wild black ducks, april 17
Wild black ducks. Hen on the left, drake to the right.
wild black ducks, flying, wild ducks
See you soon!
wild black ducks, black ducks, khaki campbell
Khaki Campbell and wild Black Ducks.


4 thoughts on “Wild Black Ducks – Visitors on the Homestead

  1. Love the black duck pics! We always used to have them visit in the spring, along with the beautiful wood ducks, but now the mallards have taken over. We did see a pr of hooded mergansers last week. and ten Canada geese all together last Sat. Glad it’s spring!

    1. I walked all the way around the ducks a few times today. They’ll move away if I get closer than than 50 feet, but they don’t go far. I’m going to listen for woodcock tonight. We heard one once before vacation. It’s been too cold for them to sing since getting home.

  2. You wrote:
    “Our drakes will beat the holy hell out of each other if one gets too close to the other’s hens.”

    I’ve found that birds can be among the most vicious of creatures.

    1. Truly! I’ll never forget the first times I saw chickens running with screaming frogs and mice. They’re brutal. Birds will rip other birds apart, eating them alive one bite at a time. We watched an eagle eating a fish it stole from us when we were ice fishing. Later, I went to see what was left of the fish. The eagle started eating at the tail. With a third of the body missing, the fish was still alive. I put it out of its misery. I know it’s natural but that doesn’t make it easier to accept.

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