I’m joining in on the Self Reliance Challenge 2019. I think I’m better prepared to participate this year than last. I’m not a how-to blogger so if there’s a lesson in here for you it’s hidden in my rambling words. Maybe all you’ll get from this is an idea of what it’s like to live in the woods in a tiny town, population 60, in remote Maine. Maybe you’ll get an idea or two that will work for you after you reformulate it to suit your setup.

There are things I need to do to improve our self sufficiency. All I get physically do in the month of January is work in the big high tunnel. The month will be spent making plans. Lots of plans. Probably too many plans because it’s easy to drink coffee in front of the fire and grossly over estimate the amount of work I can get done in five years…and plan to do it in one. 😉

I’ll write about each topic in the list throughout the winter. I’ll write as much as possible during the Self Reliance Challenge 2019.

Here’s my list. I’m sure I’ll add to it as we go.

  • Design an efficient poultry house for chickens and ducks. The ducks and chickens live in the same house but have their own self-assigned sides. The coop is an old cabin we were given to house our Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs.
  • Make better use of the high tunnels. One needs more grape vines, another to be covered, and the big tunnel’s layout has to make best use of space for the business as well as our needs.
  • Enlarge the food plot and reseed white and red clovers.
  • Add nature crafts to the website to increase homestead business income.
  • Inventory trees and decide on what to add to the orchard.
  • Design the new perennial garden. Include perennial and annual foods. This means I’ll be writing about the new garden and my plans to turn it into something more than a garden.
  • Build and use raised beds at Tressa & Trudy. Use them as an educational tool as well as a supplier for the bakery.
  • Start weeding the big high tunnel. Flames will be involved!
  • Inventory the freezer. What poultry do we need to raise in 2019?
  • Ferment more. Start Kefir again.

I’ll likely add to the list as I read the other participants’ blogs and get ideas. Please add a link to your blog in comments so we can visit you as well!