And the rain came

The beavers have been unemployed in the “Flood Robin & Steve’s Woodlot” project since early summer. We breached their series of small dams until the rain stopped. A few natural springs kept a two foot wide low spot in front of the lodge damp but the rest of the water was gone. Over the summer the soil started to recover. Plants grew and eventually filled in all but the worst spots. Deer and bear visited to get drinks, leaving tracks in the soft soil, and then moved on. The deer have gone to the pond to drink. We don’t know what the bear has been doing for water. It’s been painfully dry, until now. The wind picked up, the air filled with the scent of an impending storm…and the rain came. The rain and wind have stripped most of the trees of their leaves.

and the rain came, rain storm, autumn leaves

beaver lodge, drought, and the rain cameAlthough unhappy about being penned up for a second day, the chickens in the tractor are doing alright. They’re dry but being manure machines, they were a mess this morning. I gave them half a bale of straw so they’re on clean bedding again. The wild birds are out and about between downpours. Grackles are still passing through in small flocks, maybe wishing they were further south by now, or maybe not caring at all. They haven’t slowed down, flicking maple leaves into the air as they hunt for whatever tasty morsel they might find in the grass. The Hairy woodpecker looks a bit miserable. Hang in there, fella. It’s not snow. Speaking of snow, Gundy, my co-host on Big Wild Radio, is expecting snow tomorrow.

and the rain came, grackles and the rain came, hair woodpecker, rain storm When the runoff sinks in I’ll make my way to the beaver lodge, camera in tow, and see how much water there is now. We’ve gotten a little more than five inches of rain so far. I’ll also be watching the pond rise. Natural springs will continue to add water for a day or two after the rain stops.

On a rainy day

I’ve been busy with desk work today. I’ve created a couple of recipes for On The Fire that I’m happy with and am in the process of typing them into the recipe software I use. The first is grouse, the second a moose roast, and both vary a bit from my norm.

If I stop procrastinating I might actually put a little paint on a kitchen wall. I’m still stalling. I’m almost positive I’ve mentioned how much I despise painting but in case I haven’t, I despise painting.