August 11 2017 – In My Garden

Few words this week – I’m running around like crazy. It will be quiet next week as well, then life should get back to normal. Here’s what’s in the August 11 2017 garden!

august 11 2017, scarlet runner beans
Scarlet Runner Beans
august 11 2017, liatris, cappucino rudbeckia
Liatris in front of Cappucino Rudbeckia
august 11 2017, Sunflower, hydrangea
Sunflower starting to fade in front of hydrangea starting to bloom
august 11 2017, galeux d'eysines
Galeux d’eysines pumpkin growing vertically in the high tunnel
august 11 2017, carrot tops
Carrot tops
Tri-Color beans, Renee's Garden, august 11 2017,
Tri-Color Beans from Renee’s Garden
august 11 2017, seedlings in the raised bed
Most of the winter seedlings I planted two weeks ago germinated.
august 11 2017, high tunnel
High tunnel, August 11 2017. I’m making progress on the weeds. One bed left to finish filling.

august 11 2017, fresh vegetables, tri-color beans, renee's garden, Ministro, zucchini, sweet banana peppers

august 11 2017, fresh lettuce
Lettuce for the next salad. Note the baby beans on the left.
french mascotte, beans, Renee's garden, august 11 2017,
French Mascotte beans from Renee’s Garden