Autumn Walk in the Woods

Two or three mornings a week I take a walk to the food plot and into the woods to check the game cameras. We seldom set eyes on the animals we share our land with but get to see them in pictures the cameras provide us. We’re looking for bucks now because archery season is open and rifle season opens in a few weeks, but there aren’t any. This week the “yahoos” sauntered through – a skunk I knew was around thanks to its “aroma,” a raccoon that pushed its luck by going to the hen house, and a porcupine that left its usual trail through apple trees to cross the food plot. This morning ritual of an autumn walk in the woods is time spent taking in the beauty, studying tracks and signs, and recharging my soul.

The first stop is the beaver bog but that’s a blog of its own for tomorrow.

Waiting for Moose

The best part of the autumn walk in the woods happened with this view. (Follow the edge of the woods and veer left to get to the beaver bog.)

autumn walk, food plotI heard a bull moose grunting as I crossed the food plot so I sat on a stump at the edge of the woods and waited. Scuffling through dry leaves told me he was getting closer, and then the snapping of dead saplings pushed aside during the food plot construction gave his precise location away. I knew exactly where he was and where he’d enter the food plot, further back than I hoped, but any second now… Darn it. He walked around the food plot instead of through it so I didn’t get to see him. I wonder if it was this bull moose or another.

Autumn Color

Leaving the food plot and walking toward the wood yard, the maple leaves are falling fast.

autumn walk
autumn walk, maple leaves, fall leaves
autumn walk, maple leaves on balsam
autumn walk, autumn leaves, fall leaves, red maple leaves, birch trees
autumn leaves, autumn sky, fluffy clouds, maple and birch trees in fall

After checking the last camera, one that’s out there more to see who is in the wood yard more than what is there, I cut through the woods on this trail to the pond.

autumn walk, trail to the pondThere’s never enough time to spend outdoors but a 20 minute autumn walk through the woods is a good way to spend my morning coffee break. What’s happening your yard this season?