Bear Site 1 – Two Days Later

It didn’t take long. I’ve had time to look up pictures from 2017 and make some comparisons. I believe this bear is the one I didn’t get a shot at last year. That makes him the bear that stole the Foriflex pan not long after I put it out as a watering dish for the wildlife.

This is the third bear on the game camera this year. They wanted through one at a time in early July and disappeared.  The barrel was empty so there was no reason to return anytime soon. Here’s a great demonstration of the strength of a bear’s nose. The anise essential oil in this scent cup hasn’t been refreshed in ten months. The bear can still smell the scent but I can’t. This is the bear I wanted last year, back this year. The cup is about six feet off the ground.

bear sniffing anise
The anise essential oil hasn’t been refreshed in ten months.

We filled the barrel on Saturday and he returned Monday. We’re using doughnuts that smell yeasty and sweet. The scent travels through the air, into bear’s nose, and he follows his nose.

Maine Black bear on game camera

Are you excited? I’m excited to check the camera and see pictures but excited about harvesting this bear? No. Hopeful, but not excited. A lot can happen between now and August 27. He might disappear into the woods never to be seen again. Site 2 had a lot of bears from the time we put bait out until a few days before the season opened. We had something like 13 bears in three nights at this site last October and hadn’t seen most of them before then. Bears do what they want. There’s nothing we do to make them come back or show up during daylight when we can shoot them.

Hunting Thoughts

What you read here is 100% truth. I don’t use hunting methods I find shameful. We’re using doughnuts this year. Other years we’ve used oats and molasses or a mix of nuts in addition to sweets. Bears are tanking up on carbs for winter. They want sweets. In the spring they’re killing as many fawns and moose calves as coyotes do because they need protein. I assumed they’d eat meat in the fall the first year I started baiting for myself. I was wrong and had to take spoiled meat out of a barrel. Lesson learned. No, bears not naturally eat doughnuts. Pigs in factory farms don’t naturally eat boiled slop from restaurants. Chickens don’t naturally eat pellets in a windowless building. Food for thought when making a decision about what we feed the bears.

I’ll share thoughts about size before the season is over.