We’ve got bobcats. No surprise there, right? I mean, we do live in the woods of Maine. 😉 We’ve had one cat roaming the homestead year round, unusual activity based on how previous cats behaved. I took precautionary measures and took a friend up on his offer of a beaver carcass. It’s in the woods, away from the house, and keeping all three bobcats that we know of away from our chickens and ducks. Three! A female with last year’s kit showed up over the weekend.

Bobcat Photos from the Game Camera

I edited game camera photos to cut out background. I wish I’d been close enough to take these myself but so far I haven’t put eyes on them.

male bobcat, bobcats in Maine
Male (I think) Bobcat
baby bobcat, bobcat kitten, female bobcat
Mother with Last Year’s Kit
bobcat, female bobcat, bobcat kitten

We know there are always bobcats around but don’t give them much thought until we’re in the midst of a hard winter. Knowing that they are feasting on a frozen beaver not all that far away is an odd feeling. They aren’t passing through, they’re here on purpose. I have to figure out what to do for a carcass as this one is going to be gone in a day or two. The birds are locked safely inside the hen house through Friday because of the Arctic cold. Come Saturday they’re going to want to go out. I’ll have something to keep them away by then but it’s still something to consider. We’ve had bobcats go into the barn and over the pen fence in the past. It didn’t end well for some of the birds and any of the bobcats.


In addition to the bobcats, our game warden informed us of lynx nearby. Lynx are protected here in Maine in spite of them not being endangered. Step across the border into Canada and their population is growing. They’re spreading out in our area as the population grows. Snowshoe hare is their primary diet and we have lots of them this year. They complicate everything.

What kind of wildlife are you living with this winter?