As you know, I haven’t been writing here. I do keep a journal, and this year I decided to do something different. My 2021 journal is based on nature. I’ve written down the species and when they came back to the homestead. Some will stay for the season while others are passing through, resting here a while to visit the feeders and refuel for the rest of their journey. Spring arrived early and has been unpredictable. Warmer than average some days, colder others. Little snow all winter, a few flurries and inches in April, and none in May. We’re down two inches of rain for the year as of today with no real signs of that improving soon. It’s been dry this spring. No flooding, and barely even rushing water.

What started growing when is also included.

A female cardinal has been here since last autumn. It was nice to have her here all winter, a first for us. A third (?)-year bald eagle sat in the dead spruce behind the stone fireplace for a while today. This happens with an eagle in some way on the eve of Mum’s death. This year it’s the 22nd anniversary of her passing. Eagles are one of our many reminders that she’s still here with us.

Who and When They Came Back in March

11 – Robin
12 – Grackles (all males)
13 – Red-winged black birds (all males)
22 – Woodcock
23 – Turkey vulture (Calais), chipmunk (not a true hibernator)
24 – Purple finch (males)
25 – Comfry, rhubarb (bare ground, no snow to break through)
26 – Red-winged black birds (female), dark-eyed juncos (male and female)
27 – Turkey vulture
30 – Doe and yearling in the food plot

Who Came Back in April

2 – Eight turkey vultures perched in trees above the orchard.
4 – Immature bald eagle perched at the stop of the dead spruce behind the stone fireplace. A pair of barred owls seem to be nesting on the north side of the woodlot. They’re extremely vocal, calling at all times of day and night. It’s lovely to hear them.
5 – Gray tree frogs are calling
6 – Wood frog (ice went out three weeks early this year)
7 – Butterfly – tiny, dark in color. I’m not familiar with this one.
8 – Tree frogs, spring peepers (first day for them), wood frogs, robins and woodcock all sounding at 7 pm when I got out of work.
9 – Phoebe
11 – Yellow-shafted northern flicker. White-throated sparrow, brown headed cowbirds (male)
14 – Mrs. Cardinal hasn’t been at the feeder in a day or two. I suspect she left in search of a mate since there hasn’t been one here for her since she arrived last year. (May 10 note – she did not come back)
20 – Mourning cloak, dozens of them

May, a quieter month

7 – Three juvenile broad-winged hawks appeared late this afternoon. One landed in an ash behind the stone fireplace and another 75 feet away in the dying ash across the street. The third circled, and all three called back and forth.

More Journal Entries

From time to time I’ll write a new entry here. Knowing me and my history in this blog, it won’t be reliable. Thanks for sticking with me.