They weren’t expected until the weekend. Chicklets! Beauty hid a nest in the back corner of the hen house, an old cabin turned pig barn turned hen house, longer ago than I realized. When I returned from the writing retreat Steve informed me of the eggs in the nest. Alrighty then. We’ve paring down, remember? There are only two of us in this household now. We need egg control.Gave away nine ducks, allowed Sweetie to hatch only three eggs for replacement layers.  I’m reasonably sure by the way, that they are two hens and a roo. Paring down – and there are six or seven more eggs in the nest. I’m pretty sure I counted six when I got home. I think it’s Sweetie. She’s probably laying again.

chicklets, chicks hatching
second chicklett
bantam silkie chicks, two If you’re local and you’d like a few chicks in about a month you’re welcome to some of these chicklets. They’re bantam Silkies, Buff x White and full Buff. I can’t tell the difference. Sweetie’s chicks are White x Buff and look all buff so far.