Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree has been a big deal for my entire life. We had Charlie Brown trees when I was a kid. Funny story, those trees, one I should tell soon. I’m a  little fussy (Steve would not agree with “little”) when it comes to our tree. I’m not looking for perfect. The tree should be full, green instead of nitrogen-deficient yellow, and nicely shaped. Gaps are okay, they’re nice places to tuck in a birds nest or dried hydrangeas. It’s been difficult to find green trees so when Steve read that the owners of Christmas Tree Ranch in Amherst fertilize their trees every year, we were on it. We drove out Rt 9 to get to the tree farm. Mike Pomroy greeted us as we got out of the truck, stopped working to chat with us, and shared a few stories. Nice, nice man. We talked about traditions, values and old ways.

christmas tree, 2017, Christmas Tree RanchOur Christmas tree caught my eye while we chatted with Mike.  “That’s it. There’s our tree.” We walked the entire tree farm, looked closely at several trees and vetoed each one for different reasons, and came back to the first one. We’ll set it up tonight and put the lights on. Little by little I’ll take the ornaments, mostly handmade, from the boxes and place them on the tree. Cross stitched by Mum, handmade by Nana, purchased at craft shows from artisans, received in swaps with pen pals, natural items like pine cones… they have special meaning.

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It’s time to make Eggnog Cookies with eggnog from Smiling Hill Farm, sugar cookies to decorate, and turn up the music I’ve been listening to for a couple of weeks. When do you put up your tree?