December 29 2017

I’m ready for 2017 to end. It’s been a rough, dull, productive, fun, rewarding year. We’ve crossed some long-time to-do list projects off the list and not added more. I’m thinking about resolutions for 2018. I haven’t made them in years. And my word for year, haven’t thought about that until just now. It’s only December 29…I have time. 😉

Yesterday’s high was -1°F but it’s warmed up to a balmy 7°F today. The door to the high tunnel blew open during the night. By the time I spotted it at dawn it was too late to save anything but carrots. I could have cried. Hours later, I’m ready to get out the Fedco catalog and start planning. It’s almost January, and in January I can say “I’m starting seeds next month.” The days are getting longer now. Imbolc (Groundhog Day) is 35 days away. It’s the mid-point of winter. The days will be light long enough and the sun high enough to tease dormant plants and seeds in the high tunnel into growth. Oh they won’t start growing that day, they’ll be stirring and then it won’t be long.

December 29 and I’ve already got my mind in February. It’s too cold to be outside for fun. I bundle up to take apples to the fawn, hot water and treats to the ducks and chickens, and shovel if it’s snowed. I’m doing a bit of decluttering and cleaning out so that when it warms up next week I can strap on the snowshoes and head to the woods, something I’m looking forward to very much.

(NOTE: My Feedly account was deactivated. I’m guessing I didn’t use it enough. Now that I’m ready to sit down and catch up on what everyone’s doing – I’m empty handed. Please leave a link to your blog so I can add it to the new account.)

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Doe Fawn

It’s now January 31. I pulled a card on the off chance that the batteries warmed up in the sun, and they did. Doe fawn was here to eat from the ice covered cedar in the food plot. I know some of you are smiling as much as I do when I see her. 🙂
december 29