March 29, 2020. The first deer returned. I don’t remember them ever coming back from winter grounds in March, even in the mildest of winters. It was mild this year and I’ve been looking for them, hoping. I’ve missed their presence. Washing dishes while looking at an empty food plot is nothing more than washing dishes. When there’s a possibility of seeing them the chore is something to do while I watch for them to walk out of the forest.

March 29, 2020. They’re back.

It was April 12 before we saw them in the wood yard. First a yearling-sized doe, and then another like her, and then a large doe. A large doe with a damaged right ear. Boo Boo. They’re in good shape after their short time away for winter. It’s always, always good to see Boo looking fit and fat. Maybe this year she’ll have a fawn or two. She and the others passed through on her way to wherever she goes spring through mid-autumn.

The doe who had her yearling and two year old sons with her has returned with them in tow, and so has the buck who had eight points last year. He’s thin but he’ll fatten as the grass greens up. So far this week we’ve seen nine deer. They’re browsing on the trees, hardwood and softwood alike, and nibbling at clover, and as it greens, a little grass. I hope the resident doe stays here this year, and that if she gives birth she’ll bring her fawn(s) to the food plot so that we can see them. I also hope another doe or two stick close by. Hope. The food plot is filled with such hope.

Boo Boo

April 17, 2020. It’s cold today. The only snow left is in the woods and where it piled up after sliding from the roofs. I planned to clean out the perennial gardens but not today. It will wait for a day that doesn’t include snow flurries!