The deer are back! Even before the food plot we had deer in April. I thought they returned a couple of weeks ago because I noticed damage to the apple trees. Looking at the damage up close, I realized it was old, probably January before they left for their winter feeding grounds. I couldn’t find tracks in the mud, fresh nibbles to the trees or any hair from their winter coats. As always, when I pass a window on the east side of the house I look out to see if they’re here. And now, they are.

They look like they’ve been through a long winter but they look good. February’s warm temps, in the 50°’s at times, gave them a break. I’m excited to see them (as if that even needs to be said!). There are two cameras in the plot, one at the bait station to satisfy my curiosity of what happens from now through July, and one at the pond. I love this life in the wild. I truly do.

The deer have gone back to where they remember food being put out for them in December and January. There’s nothing there for them now other than the clover we seeded but it’s enough to bring them back. They’ll stick around until there’s plenty of green grass and fresh growth on the shrubs they nibble, and then we’ll see only glimpses of them until fall. Fawns should start darting past cameras in July. Stay tuned!

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