Early Morning Chores in June

Early morning is my favorite time of day. Twilight was 4:09 am, sunrise at 4:46 am. It’s laundry day and the line was fully before 8 am. Weeds have been pulled, the high tunnel beds watered, lilacs picked, ducks out, eggs collected. It’s time for the gooseberries to blossom. There aren’t many, not enough for a batch of jam, but they’re a nice treat next month. The last of the cherries blossoms are fading as the new cherries start to grow. The lilacs, in need of a good thinning, have a few blossoms. Chokecherries are in full bloom but the trillium are gone.

This week I’ve moved the ducks, rototilled and planted 450 feet of green, yellow and purple beans, and and enjoyed the warmth and low humidity by working outdoors.

Later today I’ll make cookies, a new recipe for lemon balm cookies I’ve been wanting to try, and start more seeds but for  now, I’m concentrating on writing. Enjoy your day. columbine blossoms, early morning
gooseberry blossoms, gooseberry, early morning, white pine blister