Favorite Weeding Tool

As I’ve mentioned a few times this year, I’m dealing with a lot of weeds. Having the cover off the tunnel meant water to formerly parched soil, and that meant weed seeds germinating. I couldn’t find my favorite weeding tool, the Wire Weeder, and I couldn’t imagine keeping up with the weeds without it so I ordered a new one. It’s worth every penny. This weeder allows me to weed under and around plants easily. It disrupts roots or severs stems and makes it easy to pick them up. When the stem is severed, leave the plant on the soil to die and feed the micro herd.

I wasn’t thinking when I put a big pot of rosemary under a bird feeder. A week later I scrape the surface with the wire weeder and cleaned up the pot in about five seconds. I’ve used it in the perennial garden to weed through tight spaces before adding a thick later of mulch. This weeding tool is too small for the typical family garden unless you’re a lot better at keeping weeds under control than I happen to be. Look for a similar tool with a long handle. I love a Scuffle hoe.

How to Use a Wire Weeder

You can see why this is my favorite weeding tool. Look at the difference 15 seconds of work made yesterday. I scooped up the uprooted weeds and then tossed them into the weedbarrow. To weed beneath plants that cover a lot of ground space, gently lift the plant and scrape the wire weeder over the surface by pulling it toward you. Gather up the tiny weed seedlings and set them on open soil. The sun with desiccate the plants. Leaving them under the larger plant will shade them and might allow the roots enough contact with moist soil long enough to re-establish themselves.

favorite weeding tool, Wire Weeder, Johnny's SeedsThe Wire Weeder keeps me ahead of the weeding game in the high tunnel. It’s my favorite weeding tool, saves me a lot of time and effort, and I wanted to share the info with you. I have not been paid for this post, and Johnny’s doesn’t even know it exists!

I avoid watering until the top inch of the soil is dry for best results. The day’s heat will wilt and kill the tiny seedlings most of the time if they’re laying on dry soil. Wait until the day after weeding to water to be sure those tiny roots dry out.

favorite weeding tool, wire weeder, Johnny's Selected Seeds

Wire Weeder from Johnny's, favorite weeding toolDo you have a favorite weeding tool? Outside, mine is the scuffle hoe.