It’s been a while, eh? I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and planning and replanning and ducking the curve balls of life. Winter has been odd, thank you very much, climate change. Unusually cold and snow, and warm and rainy, and cold and rainy, and warm and snowy. We haven’t been on the snowmobiles yet but have been ice fishing at camp a couple of times. Interesting weather, interesting winter.

I spent the weekend at our camp with our daughters Kristin and Taylor, my sister Melissa, and friends Maureen and Amy. We played games, gabbed, knit, put out a few tipups (I caught a nice salmon), ate well and enjoyed our time together. Years of neglect caused a leaky roof that ended with Steve coming in to work on and ceiling tiles that hit the floor with a splatter. It was the only down part of the long weekend.

Amy and I stood on the ice, arms locked, looking up at the night sky. The sliver of the new moon was out of sight but the Milky Way and a billion stars shone. Total silence. Amy saw a shooting star earlier in the night. I don’t remember a night sky more clear and beautiful than Sunday night.

Three hen turkeys, three partridge and three snowshoe hare are here on a daily schedule. A single fox trotted through a couple of weeks ago, and a coyote that hasn’t passed in front of a camera. Otherwise, it’s quiet here.

I’ve been working on my memoir quite a bit. The rest of my winter is quiet. I’ve kept my calendar clear through April. I plan to be writing here on a regular basis again but can’t yet tell you what “regular” is just yet. Thanks for sticking with me.

snowshoe hare, high tunnel, daylight,

eastern wild turkey, hen, homestead, pond, snowmobile trail

eastern wild turkey, hen, homestead, blue jay

fox, night, fresh snow, food plot, Maine