Snow started late yesterday afternoon. One to three inches turned to a “dusting,” but dusting isn’t the proper word. Dusting suggests the snow was dry and fluffy. It’s granular, wet, sticky, the kind of snow that makes walking on ice less treacherous. The sun’s going to come out according to the weather report, and it seems that’s true. It’s brighter out at 10:30 am.

It’s a writing day. A drink too much coffee, force myself to vacuum before the dog hair gathers together and creates a puppy, eat leftovers for supper day. I spent time outside this morning to wander with a camera and the dogs, listen to the birds (oh the birds, starting to sing their spring songs), and enjoy the warm morning. It was easy to be outside this morning in a jacket, leggings and boots. No snow pants or gloves or hat or scarf. It certainly doesn’t feel like February 26 2018

It was 30° at 11:20 pm when I got up to let Ava out for the first of four times during the night. She has tummy troubles and while it’s warm enough to leave her outside for the night, which is her preference, she’s had two sets of seizures over the last few days. She’d wander off during the postictal phase so she had to stay in, and I had to keep getting up. Anyway, it was still 30° at 7 am. Nice.

While the photos below upload I’ll tell you about what I’m writing. I’m working on a June night at the fire pit, some of the smaller work I’m doing in the book. Bullfrogs, fireflies, rustling in the grass, things go “woooooooo” in the night. I’m jotting down notes for information I need to add.

Make sure you check in tomorrow. I’ll have some dirt to dish!

February 26 2018, bare ground under tree, english shepherd
Almost bare ground under the big trees
february 26 2018, moss, snow, elm tree
Granular snow covers green moss on the dead branch of an elm tree

Zoey’s hunting bunnies
Sticking close today after a couple of seizures

granular snow, white pine cone, February 26 2018

ice sliding off a metal roof, february 26 2018
Ice sliding off the metal roof
snowshoe hare tracks in snow
Here comes Peter Snowshoe Hare…. You know, that kind of works!