It won’t be long until I have to bring in the bird feeders because of hungry bears but for now I’m enjoying the influx of feeder birds. Instead of the three resident crows we have closer to 24. A female cardinal surprised me earlier in the week. Robins are probably wondering how the worms are every going to get to the surface of the snowy ground. I’m keeping the feeders full and enjoying their visits.

The black-capped chickadee is Maine’s state bird. They’re a year-found feeder bird if we keep the feeders out. Chickadees are sweet little birds that will eat out of my hand. They’re territorial and will mob me the first time or two I’m in a tree stand. They hop from branch to branch and shout out my presence.

feeder birds, black-capped chickadee, maine state bird
Maine’s State Bird, Black-Capped Chickadee

The red-breasted nuthatches have been a delight. 2018 was an irruption year so there were a lot of them here for the winter. I hear them calling from the trees every single time I go outside during the day. They’re also sweet little birds that eat from my hand. They land on my head if I stand too close to the hanging feeders.

brown-headed cowbirds, female brown-headed cowbird, male brown-headed cowbird
Brown-headed Cow Birds. Female left, male right.

Brown-headed cowbirds are passing through. I think they’ll stick around another week or two, until the last of the snow is gone.

brown-headed cowbirds, female brown-headed cowbird, male brown-headed cowbird
Brown-headed Cow Birds. Female left, male right.

A female Northern cardinal surprised me as much as I surprised her early in the week. We seldom ever have cardinals so this is exciting for the bird nerd in me. A male cardinal visited a feeder on October 31 last year. He came as the messenger he’s known for and left quickly.

female northern cardinal, female cardinal
Female Northern Cardinal

Look what showed up last fall. This isn’t Tom. This is Other Tom. They came in through the woods and hung out in the food plot for three days before following the chickens to corn I’d scattered. I can’t put corn out for the chickens much longer because the deer will be back, but for now the turkeys are welcome to clean up. They won’t stick around once the snow is gone. They’ll move to a better nesting area. The hens will start sitting on eggs while the toms and jakes go off to do their own thing.

eastern wild turkey, tom turkey, wild turkey
Eastern Wild Turkeys. A tom and two hens.

Where did the lawn go? Poor robins. They’ve been here a couple of weeks and are dealing with frozen ground. We’re weeks away from thawed ground that allows worms to come to the surface. The robins will be fine. They’ll find food without coming to the feeders.

American robin, robin, bird, birch tree, snow
Male American Red Robin.
Where are the worms? Or he ground? Where’s the ground??

Dark eyed junco, purple finch, song sparrow, and American goldfinches flit back and forth all day. I’m listening closely for the white-throated sparrow (Old Tom Peabody Peabody Peabody) and phoebes. They’ll be along soon.