Free Bald Eagle Photo

Here you go. Do as you please. You’re welcome to edit this free bald eagle photo to suit your needs. I cropped it for Instagram. The photo is full sized so it’s almost 7M. With a little editing (or not, your choice) it’s suitable for print. If you use the photo online please link back to A Life In The Wild. It’s You don’t have to use my name on the photo, only the link if you use it online.

I spotted the eagle while we were scouting for wild turkeys this morning. It sat on the edge of the clearing at the power line. We saw two bald eagles, a deer, only seven turkeys, and waterfowl. More eagles than deer. Imagine that. It’s sometimes hard for me to remember how many people have never seen a bald eagle. I don’t take it for granted in any way but they’re so common here now that we see them all the time. There are a mated pair and an immature here almost daily. Maine had a minimum of 630 nesting pairs in 2013. For comparison, there were 20 known nesting pairs in 1978. They’re thought to be killing a significant number of common loons in Maine.

If you see other photos you’d like to use as the blog grows please feel free to ask. The worst I can say is no, and most likely I’ll say yes. I appreciate you asking. Photos found on the internet are not “public domain” and free to use unless you have permission. “Borrowing” is the word I saw used in a blog this week. It’s not borrowing, it’s stealing. Think of photos as someone’s car. If you take it without permission you’re stealing. That makes it simple to keep straight.

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