Frosty Mornings

Brrrr  We’ve had frosty mornings for a few weeks but after a break from the cold morning temps, this morning seems a little colder. Last I looked it was 28°. I’m wasn’t looking forward to stepping into the high tunnel to take a look at the rosemary. I’m sure it doesn’t appreciate this cold but it looks just fine. It’s going to warm up for a few more days so the tunnel will be warm enough to keep frost away. I’ll cut it back…soon. This morning’s frost  put a few more perennials to sleep until spring but brought out more color in others. The ducks were happy to be out, happy to race across the water, to wag their fluffy behinds in the air as they fed on the bottom of the pond. The pond is so low they’re touching places under water that we’ve never seen.

Frosty mornings are the ends of some things. They come with reminders that some ends, like the tender perennials, are temporary. Frosty mornings are good for contemplating permanent ends. Sometimes we need to let something slide away with the frost. I just thought someone might need to hear that this morning.

Cappuccino from Renee’s Garden

frosty mornings, cappuccino, rudbeckia
Rudbeckia seed head, left for the American finches to eat.
Frosty top of the bird feeder. Now that the damned bird is gone I can feed the other birds again.


Zoey, looking for partridge

Sunflower, planted last June, late to germinate because of the drought.