Garden Thoughts

rosemary, raised bed, high tunnel, Maine, gardening in MaineIt’s January 7 and today’s high was 2°F. There isn’t a lot to do outside because of the loss of the high tunnel plants. It’s easy to sit down with lovely garden thoughts, a cup of coffee, paper, order form, and grand ideas of what the vegetable garden will be like this year. It is going to be different. We didn’t grow anything outside of the tunnel this year other than the perennials already planted. I’d planned to buy a lot but it turned out to be much more expensive than I expected. Oh my goodness is food expensive, especially well-grown nutritious food. I did a bit of scrambling to be sure the freezers were full last fall.

The garden is going to expand back to the outdoors this year. I’ll put the cool weather crops like broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage, and the pumpkins and squash. Some of the corn will grow with the squash and pumpkin plants to help keep the *&@#*! raccoons out.

Expansion doesn’t mean big. We’re not going to have a huge garden again as there are only two of us.

Room needs to be made in the tunnel for more perennial and early starts of tender annual herbs. I’m not happy with the herbs I have in pots this winter. I might be better off to grow more to dry and limit the fresh plants I keep indoors. I’ll grow more tomatoes this year. I want to grow some of the ingredients I’ll use in the bakery. Oh the big plans I can come up with in January when the only work involved is getting up to refill my mug.


Galeux d'Eyesines, I could live in October

Most of the pumpkins will be grown for our chickens and ducks and the wildlife, mostly deer and snowshoe hare. I like to bake a pumpkin for pie on a cold winter morning and turn the seeds into snacks. Snacks could be for us or sometimes the chickens and ducks. The chickens get a few food scraps now and then but most of those go to the composting worms that I never talk about. The chickens get meat, like the ham bone to pick over after Christmas dinner. I’d like to have enough pumpkins, squash and a few cabbage to give them. One a week from when the snow falls until it melts would be great. They’d enjoy the fresh food and we’d enjoy the benefits in their eggs. The lighter colored pumpkin is still in the high tunnel. I forgot about it until now. I should grab that, bring it in to thaw, and let the chickens and ducks feast.

What are your garden thoughts? What will grow this year? Does your mind outdo reality like mine does?