Good Morning Sunrise

Good morning sunrise! When the sky is tinged with red to the west you know the sun is doing beautiful things as it rises in the east. I went out with camera in hand, Ava and Zoey ready to chase squirrels, and watched the sun come up. It’s the last I’ll see of the sun today as we have a couple of days of rain in store. It’s 22* this morning but later in the week it’s going to warm up into the low 50*’s. I’m looking forward to transplanting tatsoi, chard and beet greens in the high tunnel. It will be warm in there, hot if I don’t leave the door open. I’ll have my hands in the soil today as I finish transplanting seedlings into six packs and sowing more seeds.

Steve is on his way this early morning to Boston with friends to see the Red Sox opening day game. This is a yearly trip for them. For me it’s a day I’m up early to see him off and have the rest of the day to do my own thing. He’ll be very late getting home and I’ll be sound asleep. I won’t be cooking or cleaning today, have already had the dogs out to run around, and have only two more outdoors chores before the rain starts. I need to let the ducks and chickens out, bring them water and gather eggs, and I need to bring in enough firewood to last through tomorrow morning.

I think I’ll thumb through magazines to look for flower garden ideas. I’m going to start a long-term landscaping project this year complete with trees, shrubs, annual and perennial flowers and herbs, amphibian habitat, and a garden gnome or two. I’ll be asking for your suggestions and help as I know almost nothing about this project of mine.

Enjoy your day! What are you doing today?