The high tunnel is full of green tomatoes. Ripe red tomatoes are ready daily, and they will be for another six weeks. By late October the quality of the texture and taste will diminish. Eventually I’ll force green tomatoes to ripen, and those that don’t submit to red will be sliced, breaded and fried, or made into chutney. Opalka, above, is my favorite paste tomato. The soil in this raised bed was amended with fish offal during ice fishing season, lobster shells for calcium, and compost. I used a bit of Espoma fertilizer during planting, and wow did those plants take off. The horrible soil is improving slowly but surely.

green tomatoes, juliet, green juliet tomato
Juliet, my favorite grape tomato
green tomatoes, jet star, high tunnel
Jet Star
Bobcat tomato, raised bed, high tunnel
Bobcat tomato. Comparable to Big Beef or Beef Master.

What do you do with your green tomatoes at the end of the season? I’m looking for ideas of something new.