Hands Seeds Soil. Add 48° (sorry, I know… it was February and 48°, it was glorious), sun, a slight breeze and water. Glorious. I cleaned out a few raised beds in the high tunnel; weeds that could grow in a Siberian winter, broccoli I hoped would recover, and carrots that survived the deep freeze when the door blew open. Spinach survived, and died (I thought) and bounced back and went dormant, and now it’s growing again. I did a bit of cleaning up by pulling some of the dead leaves. There are more but I’ll give the plants a while to strengthen their roots after a good watering.


Great surprise! I moved the bales of straw I settled on lavender, sage and rosemary plants last fall. I knew sage would survive, it’s hardy. Rosemary? mmm Still a little green, might survive. Lavender is already starting to grow in spite of being covered with heavy bales of straw. One of the lavender survived in spite of a meadow vole tunneling through the soil a few inches away. Meadow voles and I are at war. I will stomp them every chance I get. Snap trap? BANG! Call in the dogs? ATTACK! And on this day, drowned it with the hose. I watched one end of the tunnel and shoved the hose in the other. Nothing. I hoped to flush the vole out but it wasn’t there. I stuffed the holes and replaced the bales, neither of which will stop the vole but it made me feel like I’d at least tried. Notice the oats the vole harvested and stored on the soil beside the lavender? Their skills in food storage are excellent.

Seeds Sown

I filled one of the 4′ x 8′ raised beds with small amounts of seeds of several kinds of plants. I had a few seeds from my favorite carrot in 2017, Short Stuff from Renee’s Garden. Radishes are quick gratification because they germinate fast in cold soil. I planted Watermelon and Easter Egg Mix, both from Fedco. In the turnip department, Gold Ball and Purple Top White Globe are in and doing their thing. Robin beets and Shuko Pac Choi are in there some where.

Experimenting keeps gardening from ever being dull. I always try a few new varieties. This year I’m trying a new seeding method. I scattered a few Jet Star tomato seeds into the cold soil, covered them, and tamped the soil down. I know they’ll germinate, but when? I’m starting a few seeds in the warm and cozy house as well.

Hestia Brussels Sprouts and Golden Acre cabbage should sprout quickly as they do well in cool weather. I’ll start more later so that we have plants to hang in the cold cellar for next winter.

It was warm and sunny on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. And now it’s snowing. I’ll take it. Knowing this new snow won’t last long and the granular snow beneath is melting a little each day, it’s easy to enjoy fresh snow’s beauty. Hands Seeds Soil – a good combination.

hands seeds soil, seeded raised bed

spinach, frozen, high tunnel, raised bed, hands seeds soil

hands seeds soil, spinach, freezing weather
Spinach is tough!

lavender, rasied bed, high tunnel, hands seeds soils

hands seeds soil, vole hole, raised bed
Vole hole beside the lavender plant
hands seeds soil, carrots, high tunnel, February, Maine, winter growing
Oh so sweet!