Hit a Bear?

PSA. Attention please. :/ If you hit a bear please don’t assume it’s okay because it got up and ran. You seldom ever, or maybe never, have seen a dead bear on the side of the road in Maine. They have hard bones but their internal organs are still soft. If you hit a bear, please, please call the warden or police. You might be nothing more than shaken up and your vehicle might be just fine, but please get help for the bear.
black bear, bear tracks, hit a bear
Late Monday afternoon I saw the pickup in front of me hit a black bear. The driver did all he could to avoid it but it truly was unavoidable. He truck made contact with vital organs. The bear spun across the pavement across the other lane, rolled into the ditch, got up and ran in to the woods. The man parked in the road, stunned. I checked on him. He’s fine and there’s no damage to his truck. The bear is not fine. The man didn’t want to call the warden or police because “…I think it’s fine…a lot of fur but no blood…it ran.”
We don’t see bears on the side of the road because they’re tough. They can get up and run, but when you hit vital organs they aren’t gong to go far before they drop and die a miserable death. I can’t no do anything. It wasn’t my accident but I called it in to my warden. We couldn’t talk because of poor signals out here in the middle of no where but we could text. He looked for the bear and if necessary, put it out of its misery.

Tips to Keep Yourself Safe if You Hit a Bear

If you hit a bear it’s probably going to run off. If it doesn’t you should:

  • Pull over to a safe place near the bear to force vehicles away from it (in case they don’t see it), and put your flashers on.
  • Flash your headlights (low beam) at anyone coming toward you to warn them about the bear.
  • Stay in your vehicle.
  • Never approach the bear. It might look dead but be unconscious.
  • Call the game warden or police to find out what else you need to do.