Ruby-throated Hummingbirds & Apple Blossoms

I’m working on an entry about covering the high tunnel. Yes! It’s covered! The photos have been taken and resized. I’ve even uploaded them. Until that’s ready, enjoy a couple of ruby-throated hummingbirds (Archilochus colubrisat) apple blossoms. These little tornadoes are taking on every bird that comes to the feeding station. There are three females this year, up from the usual two. I’m not sure how many males are here because they’re too busy trying to kill each other. They’re attacking blue jays, white-throated sparrows, chickadees and juncos as well as diving bombing each other.

Hummingbirds eat insects as well as nectar from flowers. Please, never ever add red food coloring to the syrup you make for your hummingbird feeders. They don’t need the artificial dye and they don’t need red. Honestly! They don’t need red to be attracted to feeders or flowers. Did you know that? It’s true!

The link to the white-throated sparrow goes to the leucistic bird that was here. I’ve updated the entry with a picture of a typical bird.

I meant to take the photo of the male hummingbird. The female flew in right behind him and was a bonus.
hummingbirds apple blossoms