In My Garden 2017

Join me for In My Garden 2017! Each Friday starting June 2, I’ll share photos and updates of what’s in my garden in 2017. The high tunnel is covered, raised bed frames built and some filled and planted, the perennial gardens on the front and the back porch side of the house have been given a makeover, and the year is underway. I’ll grow a few of our vegetables in my garden this year. Shanna and other farmers will grow the majority for us as I’m taking 2017 off to work on “the book.”

To join me, link back to my current week’s link on your blog entry for the week. I’ll link back to this page so readers can learn how to join us. If you don’t have a current week’s entry you’re welcome to use another from anytime in 2017. Leave a comment on the current week’s blog and be sure to include the link to your blog. We’ll build community and links and grow our blogs along with our gardens. All kinds of gardens are welcome. Outdoors, hoop house, low tunnel or high tunnel? Join us. Container garden? Welcome! Small, medium, large, gigantic or a pot on the window sill? Show us! Urban, suburban, country, rural or in the woods – everyone is welcome here.

It’s not all about looks

Don’t hesitate to share your garden with us regardless of its appearance. It’s not all about looks. It’s about gardenING – growing vegetables, herbs and flowers, annuals and perennials, the weeds and the bugs, the whole thing. Show us your weeds and maybe we can tell you how to amend the soil. Show us your compost. We’re all growing something. We’ve seen the good, the bad, the ugly, scratches and scrapes and dismal failures. Let us see yours too!

Social Media

I’ll be using #inmygarden2017 in the blog, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Please use it as well so everyone can find you on social media.