January 5 2018

Let’s do the awwwww first. All together now – awwwwwwww! If  you’re new to my blog or are a little behind, this is a motherless whitetail fawn, a beautiful little doe. She’s been without a mother since November.


We’ve had chickens for 2o years but I still get excited about the first eggs. First pullet egg, first duck egg, first egg after molt – first eggs make me smile. I wasn’t expecting the pullets to start laying until February but one of them surprised me. One of the red hens was in a nest box last week but I chalked it up to wanting to stay warm in the frigid temps. One of the two barred rocks has a bright red comb so I think it’s her. She’s laid a beautiful brown egg every day since January 1.

pullet egg, brown eggs,
A pullet’s first egg

january 5 2018, straw, high tunnel, jetsled

Blizzard – Take 3

The third blizzard of the season hit hard yesterday. Fourteen inches of snow fell in about eight hours. It packed down with the wind, sleet and freezing rain. I hauled five bales of straw to the hen house. They’re lining part of the back wall and a side wall. It’s been unusually cold. The bales are whole and sitting on top of loose straw. They birds snuggle up to them during the night. It’s been so cold I’ve left them inside with the doors closed. When it warmed up to 0° and the wind calmed down I opened the door. They were hesitant at first but then spent a few hours outside in the sun.

I’m cleaning out; major decluttering and paring down, and spring winter cleaning. Winter is a time for knitting, garden planning and reading. It’s quiet and slower but just as busy. When this winter cleaning is done I’ll settle down to work on the book, have a friend up to visit a few days, and if the weather cooperates, get in a daily snowshoe in the woods.

What are you doing this winter?