July 21 2017 – In My Garden

I’ve mentioned a time or six that I’m at a writing retreat this week. No internet and little phone reception. I do hope that I can occasionally send a photo to Instagram if I stand in the exact right spot, stick my tongue out just right, cross my eyes, and hop backward. That’s about what it takes for me to get a cell signal. My laptop isn’t even with me this week, which is nice. I’m writing by hand. Anyway! Here’s a look at some of the flowers on the homestead for the week ending July 21 2017. What’s in your garden this week?

Veggie First

I know, I know! I said flowers. This Bobcat tomato was left out last week. Here, have a tomato.
bobcat tomato, july 21 2017

Sharing is Caring!

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Cappucino Butterfly Rudbeckia

My all-time favorite rudbeckia. I received the seeds for Cappucino Butterfly Rudbeckia from Renee’s Garden as part of my media package several years ago. This self-seeding perennial starts blooming in mid-July and keeps going until heavy frost. It has the feel of an autumn flower, and because autumn is my favorite season, this is a favorite overall.
capuccino rudbeckia, rudbeckia, renee's gardenStella D’Oro Daylilies from an old friend, Liz. If you’re local and can pick them up I’d be happy to share with you. Stella divides easily and is hardy enough to split up spring, summer or fall.
stella d'oro daylilyScarlett Runner Bean will fill in the twine and give the back porch a lot of afternoon shade. I grow this every year in the same place except two years ago. It didn’t feel right to not have them there, full of humming birds and tasty beans.
July 21 2017, scarlett runner beanI should cut the chamomile again but I think I’ll let it go to seed this time. I could use a little more filler in that spot.
july 21 2017, chamomileBlue Flax in the food plot. The deer don’t seem to know they like this plant. Some of them are five feet tall.
blue flax, july 21 2017, in my garden, #inmygarden2017I love Johnny Jump-Ups, and especially love the color of this one. I mentioned a few weeks ago that the flowers have naturalized and spread easily. The colors have taken on a life of their own. This is my favorite color combo, and I happened to be there at the right time to catch this bumble bee.

What’s in your garden this week? Leave a link in the comments so we can visit you! July 21 2017