July 28 2017

Holy cow corn! What a difference a week and fish make for the corn. I came home from New York to broom and sweet corns that are growing against the poly in the high tunnel. They’re loving the white perch offal from a fishing trip a few weeks ago the extra warmth in the high tunnel. Here’s what’s in my garden on July 28 2017. The sweet corn is tasseling. I have to pollinate it by hand by giving the tassels a good shake over the silk on the ears. Did you know that each kernel of corn has its own silk? In order for the kernel to form the silk has to be pollinated. This is why it’s important to plant at least four rows of corn or plant the kernels close together. These plants have white perch offal buried near their roots.

Corn tassels, July 28, 2017, in my gardenI don’t know what to expect from the broom corn. They’ve been fed coffee grounds and fish emulsion. July 28, 2017, broom corn, In My Garden

July 28, 2017, high tunnel

The tomatoes are coming along but some have a disease I haven’t identified yet. The leaves are curling. Leaf curl? I’m not sure. Plants at the other end of the tunnel are fine.

July 28, 2017, Ministro Cucumber

We’re picking Bell and Banana peppers, lettuce mix and Ministro cucumbers each day.

Lady Bell Pepper, July 28, 2017, high tunnel

July 28, 2017, lettuce mix, Fedco Seed

ministro, cucumber, growing vertically, July 28, 2017,

The pumpkin vines are running together and the two pumpkins I’ll allow to grow are too close. I’ll figure it out soon. They’re going to get a sling of some sort next week. I have a few ideas but haven’t entirely figured out how to keep the pumpkins from snapping the vines.

Galeaux pumpkins getting big

The blend of yellow, green and purple bush beans are doing well. There are four rows.

Bush Beans, raised beds, renee's garden, high tunnel

I’m still in the process of blocking weeds with cardboard. It’s been a busy week so I haven’t gotten much done. I’ll soak this cardboard and put a layer of sandy loam on it this weekend. The rest might have to wait until next week.


rosemary, raised bed, high tunnel, Maine, gardening in Maine, july 28 2017The lavender and rosemary are the best plants I’ve ever grown outside a pot in the house. It won’t be long until I cut more lavender wands. The rosemary will be left alone a while. I don’t really know how long to let it grow before I make the first cut, how soon the last cut can be before the plant becomes dormant, or how far back to cut it before then. This is in the high tunnel so conditions aren’t the same as if they were outside without protection. If you know the answers I’d appreciate the information!

<— Rosemary
lavender, high tunnel, raised beds, July 28 2017, Ribbet

The leopard frog helps with pest control by eating grasshoppers. I haven’t have seen a toad yet. They bury themselves in the soft soil in order to stay cool during the hottest parts of the day.
leopard frog, in my garden

What’s in your garden this week? Feel free to leave a link in the comments so we can visit!