June 16 2017

It’s quiet in the vegetable garden this week, June 16 2017. Chickens are jerks sometimes. They found their way into the tunnel and feasted on the Ministro cucumber seedlings. They killed three and left enough of two to grow, but the growth is stunted. To be sure we have cucumbers asap, or at least as soon as possible considering our late start, I planted a few seeds in the empty spots. The chickens are now locked in their pen unless it’s a cloudy day that allows for keeping the tunnel closed. (Did you see the tomatoes)?

june 16 2017, Ministro cucumber

June 17 2017, ministro cucumber

Oregano, soon to be cut and dried.In My Garden, June 27 2017, oregano

I added lemon thyme this week!in my garden, june 16 2017, oregano

A new color Johnny Jump-Up. The flowers are larger than others.  in my garden, june 16 2017, viola, johnny jump up, perennial garden

Swallowtail butterflies are sucking up minerals in this freshly amended section of the garden.swallowtail butterflies, butterfly, in my garden, June 26 2017

The garlic plants are huge. No scapes starting yet but it won’t be long.

The front yard perennial garden is filling in.

Trailing nasturtiums are filling in the empty space. Dusty Miller seedlings.

Six poppy plants were added this week. I purchased three in peach and three in red. They should self-sow this year.

I’ve wanted a burning bush for years. They’re going to be illegal starting next year because some folks believe they are invasive. I haven’t seen a single instance of this here so I don’t feel bad about having one. This plant will be firey red in the fall. It’s still in a pot until Cranky is repaired.

Three of the four pots of columbine roots grew. The seedlings look good. I’ll keep them in pots another month or so.

What’s in your garden this week? Drop a link to your gardening post and I’ll visit and leave a comment. I’m using #inmygarden2017 in my social media posts. Join me!