June 23 2017 – In My Garden

Where did the week go?!? I worked a few hours in the high tunnel this week. I’ve overfilled one raised bed and planted it. It’s overfilled to make up for settling as the organic matter breaks down, water swishes the sandy loam around, and the soil finishes settling. I planted three more pepper seedlings, and then I seeded bush beans, carrots, over seeded basil, and reseeded chamomile. A free range tomatillo plant was growing in the right spot so that’s been surrounded by soil. It looks like it was intentionally planted there. Here’s what’s In My Garden for June 23 2017. If you’d like to share your blog with what’s in your garden please join in by leaving a link in the comments below.


The plant is a volunteer from seeds planted five or six years ago. I haven’t planted a seed since. If you miss one ripe tomatillo when you clean up the garden you’ll have dozens more the following year.tomatillo plant, June 23 2017Red Broom Corn. They grew a lot this week thanks to a boost of nitrogen in the coffee grounds. I save grounds year round. It’s a great soil amendment that adds organic matter and nitrogen.
red broom corn, June 23 2017Oops, again. There are two problems with this tomato plant. Obviously, it fell over. It grew faster than I was expecting in what, it turns out, isn’t poor soil after all. Too much clay but judging by the plants, it has plenty of nutrients. Do you see the second problem?
June 23 2017, growing tomatoes verticallyGrowth got ahead of me. I prune tomatoes to one leader stem and remove all suckers. This plant now has two leaders. I’ll leave them. It’s a pain but it will be fine. If the second leader gets too big I’ll separate them and tie up another piece of twine to attach it to.

Purple, yellow and green bush beans.

June 23 2017, bush beans, high tunnel, raised bedThis tomato has it down pat. Or…I have my act together and didn’t lose track of this one. The bottom 15 inches of stem is bare. If there are blight spores on the soil they’re less likely to land on leaves when splashed with water. I brought hay to the tunnel this week and will mulch the tomato plants to also help prevent blight. I’ve been wrapping the twine around the stem but next time I’ll have run out of slack and will tie it.

June 23 2017, tomato on string, how to grow tomatoes on string, high tunnel

Squash or Pumpkin?

I haven’t talked about this yet. This is a Galeux D’Eysines squash. I call it a pumpkin. It’s a warty pumpkin (see?) that fascinates me. I meant to grow more pumpkins this year but got too busy to get the transplants in the ground in time. Sometimes we have to lose something in order to gain something else.
Galeux Pumpkin, warty pumpkin, growing pumpkins vertically
Perennial Flowers

peony, June 23 2017
russell lupine, june 23 2017


The basil transplants are adjusting. I didn’t think they were going to survive the soil and heat but they’ll be fine. I seeded more basil this week to be sure I have enough.

basil, genovese, pesto, june 23 2017

chive blossoms, lemon balmThe perennial garden will look a lot different next week. It’s time to harvest the chamomile, lemon balm, chive blossoms and oregano. It’s going to look bare and I dread doing it, but they have a good purpose and will be put to good use. They’ll grow back several times before the end of the season. There’s a bit of wild harvesting to do as well.

Pest Control

I scooped up this Northern Red Belly snake in a spade full of top soil in the high tunnel this week. I moved it to a raised bed so I wouldn’t step on it. They eat a lot of insects and help keep the pesky grasshoppers under control.
northern red belly snake, high tunnel, maine, snakes in MaineAnd with that, it’s time to get back to work. What’s in your garden on June 23 2017? Share your link so we can visit!