June 30 2017 – In My Garden

Welcome to the June 30 2017 edition of In My Garden! I’m under a deadline (something I’m not used to anymore!) so there won’t be a lot of story telling about what’s In My Garden this week. Not much has changed other than plants are growing well. I have a couple of new things to share. If you’d like to join in this week you may leave a link to a gardening post from your blog in the comments below. Please do join in! I love seeing what’s growing in other places. Some of you are way ahead of us because of your weather while others are behind us because of theirs.

What’s New This Week

Carrot seedlings. I’ll give you a tip on successful germination of finicky carrot seeds next week.

carrot seedlings, inmygarden2017, june 30 2017

Male zucchini blossoms! The male blossoms open ahead of time. See that baby zucchini behind the blossom on the right? It’s blossom has to be fertilized to allow that immature zucchini to grow.

zucchini blossoms and a baby zucchini. inmygarden2017, june 30 2017

French Mascotte bush beans. This is a container variety of beans from Renee’s Garden. They should do well in the raised bed. If they don’t set a decent amount of blossoms I’ll thin the plants. For non-container varieties they’re much too close. We’ll see what happens. French Mascott Beans, raised bed, Renee's Garden, inmygarden2017, june 30 2017

Borage seedlings. They’re going into the new perennial garden this summer. I’ll transplant them soon into pots to let them grow with plenty of room. borage seedlings, inmygarden2017, june 30 2017

The radishes and turnip filling the spot left empty when a summer squash plant died are doing well. I should have radishes in two weeks. Did you know tender young radish leaves are excellent in salad? And that you can roast radishes?radish tops, turnip greens, inmygarden2017, june 30 2017

The basil that’s recovering from a rough time after transplanting is doing well. The seeds I scattered are up.basil, inmygarden2017, june 30 2017

Bobcat and Roma tomatoes need almost daily pruning and tying to keep them under control and on the twine. Normally we’d have ripe tomatoes by now thanks to the high tunnel but the late start has only a little further ahead than if we were growing them outdoors. They like the increased degree days. Roma tomato, Bobcat tomato, tomato plants, june gardening, high tunnel, raised bed, inmygarden2017, june 30 2017

That’s it for this week. I’m off to write a column for Maine Woodlands. And a head’s up. I’ll be skipping next week. I have a project to tackle that needs undivided attention. I’ll be off social media other than Instagram. What’s in your garden this week? Big garden, a pot of lettuce, a tomato growing up lattice on the back porch – it all counts. Share your link so we can visit with you!