June 9 2017 – In My Garden

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It’s dry. So very dry. Yesterday afternoon I dragged the hose from the high tunnel around front to the perennial gardens and gave them a good watering. The lemon balm was wilting in the dry soil and bright sun. I felt bad for some of the recent transplants that haven’t yet sent their roots down deep enough yet to get to moist soil.

High Tunnel

I’m still filling beds with mostly-clay (developing a stronger dislike for this stuff) “sandy loam.” I have to water every day, and I’m adding organic matter as often as possible.

The Roma tomatoes and Banana peppers I purchased last week are either starting to blossom or have tiny fruit.

roma tomato, blossom, june 9 2017

The plants need a good dose of vermicompost tea. They’re struggling with the poor soil. Hang on, little plants, I’m amending as fast as I can.

Ooops. I goofed. I planted a bit of sweet corn and didn’t mark the space. My middle-aged brain doesn’t remember such things. The tomatoes were transplanted into the corn. I’m leaving it. Let’s see how this goes. I’ll have to add lots of vermicomost and comfrey tea to be sure they get the nutrients they need to grow together in this lousy soil. june 9 2017, tomatoes, corn, raised bed

Perennial Flowers

All of the flowers that were blooming last week are still in bloom this week. The Castle Red Russell lupine in the foundation garden behind the house is starting to open. I wish I’d started more seeds this year. It’s not too late. If I get them soon I can transplant the seedlings and they’ll blossom next year.

june 9 2017, in my garden, russell lupine
june 9 2017, in my garden, rhododendron, rhodie

Chocolate Mint

The chocolate mint is settling into its new home in a rusty old enamelware bucket I dragged home from the woods.

enamel ware, chocolate mint, june 9 2017
The broadleaf sage is going to blossom! I usually cut the sage long before it sets flowers but I’m letting this plant go. It’s a two year old plant that overwintered without cover. It’s in the high tunnel, soaking up the warmth now.

The smaller sage plant in the high tunnel wasn’t perking up. It was crowded in its pot, falling over and pathetic. I fix it with a pair of scissors. Snip snip snip and wait. It’s growing again, upright this time.
june 9 2017, sage plant, pruning sageWhat’s growing in your garden?