Late Summer Mornings

There’s something about late summer mornings that revives my tired soul. You know that feeling. The one where you’ve worked your ass off all spring and summer and here it is late August and the to do list is longer than the done list. That feeling. The holy-shit-it-never-ends feeling. But getting up at 4:30 am, slipping into camo, walking into the woods, and sitting in a tree stand for a few hours does me good. Bear season opened today.  A fisher, a lot of noisy squirrels, two gray jays (my favorite), a mob by blue jays came to  and enjoyed watching the sun rise through the trees. I was down at 8 am back to the house to check game camera pics. There’s a big deal for me going on today and tomorrow.

Fisher at the Bait Site

fisher, fisher cat, bear hunting
The fisher was cautious on its first visit to the bait site.

Reorganizing Business

Between you and me, I’m changing the name of the bakery from Bubble & Rise to one that reflects my heritage. I’m ordering a building from a business in Hodgdon, and when it’s delivered I’ll have a bit of work to do before I open there. Last week I stopped into a new coffee house between appointments and asked if they were interested in cookies. I walked out with an appointment to bring samples of cookies, muffins and bread tomorrow afternoon. I’m going to start baking just as soon as I hit publish. I’m bringing Seeded Whole Wheat, Wheat and Oatmeal breads. Cookies will be Molasses, Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter Fudge. And from the muffin department, Wild Maine Blueberry and Wild Apple Pie. This house is going to smell wonderful 90 minutes from now.

My late summer morning spent in the woods gave me time to get the baking order straight in my head. This is likely my schedule every morning, Monday through Saturday, until I shoot a bear or the season ends. What are you doing this late summer morning?