Laying Chicks

Oops. We went to Tractor Supply for a part and came out with laying chicks. Peeping surprised me. I didn’t know they sold chicks in late summer/early autumn. Three bins worth of chicks peeped “take us home, take us home.” One bin contained Cornish Cross that looked great. Had I known this was an option I’d have purchased them at Tractor Supply instead of online. Now I know. A second bin had a mix of yellow/orange-ish and two Barred Rock chicks. Aha! Barred Rock. They were $2.99, a fair price. I made a mental “dibs” call and studied the others. Rhode Island Red? Buff Orpington? The third bin contained “old” chicks for .99 cents, the same colors as bin two but with more feathers.

Tractor Supply fed and tended the “old” chicks (a week older) that were “here too long” and marked them down? Made no sense to me but “I’ll take six, please.”

laying chicks, barred rockI planned to add a half dozen laying chicks in the spring. This was a spur of the moment, when else would I get .99 cent chicks, they’ll be laying in the spring decision. What the heck. I’m going to be needing more eggs for this new business venture I’m working on so what the heck, right? Just chicks. So what if I didn’t think about how I’d move these little ones into the hen house in November. I figured it out this morning. For another week or two they’ll live with the meat chicks. I’ll have one of the Khaki Campbell hens hatching ducklings for me in the spring. We’ll eat the drakes and I’ll bake up a storm with the new hens’ eggs.

What are they?

My best guesses are Rhode Island Reds and Buff Orpingtons. I really don’t know what kind of laying chicks I have but they’re here, they’ll be laying by late winter or early spring, and Steve didn’t bat an eye. “How many,” he asked, not “are you…” Barred Rock is my favorite breed and Rhode Island and Buff Orps have done well for us in the past. We’re happy to have them (assuming my guesses are right) again. There’s one of each unidentified breeds to the bottom left of the waterer. I’m guessing the lighter is Buff Orp and the darker (and older) is Rhode Island. What do you think?

laying chicks, meat chicks